April 22, 2019

GSM London Students Publish Book

GSM London students Garvin Matthews, and partner Naomi Miller have succeeded in publishing their book ‘Naomi’. The book highlights the events of Naomi’s past that she has written with the aim of helping other women in difficult circumstances. Garvin and Naomi have gained attention from The Sun, Telegraph and various other newspapers for their work.

‘Naomi’ will be available for pre-order on June 30th and officially released on July 29th in WHSmith, Waterstones, Blackwells, Barns and Noble and Amazon. We have included a synopsis of Garvin and Naomi’s book for our readers, and also a link to their book trailer.



In the small town of Wolverhampton, 1981, Marilyn Douglas gives birth to Naomi Maria Miller. A couple of years after, Naomi’s two sisters: Carmen Lloyd and Nadine Emmons were born. At the time, all three of them were fatherless and happy in the sole care of their mother. But the love of her children were not enough for Marilyn – she was still in search of her own happy ending. She rekindled a forgone relationship with Nadine’s father, Jimmy, a thief, who led her down a felonious path – where she ends up in a cell and in front of a judge.

Unsuccessful in his unlawful tenure, Jimmy leaves Marilyn in disgrace and he is immediately replaced by Nolan, Carmen’s father. Nolan is the opposite of Jimmy, he regularly beats Marilyn and her children if they do not comply with all of his demands, and this way of life becomes normality for everyone who lives in the household. Nolan then goes a step further and attempts to sexually assault the young and vulnerable, Naomi, whose honesty and bravery to tell her mother would get her evicted from her home and sent to live with her grandmother, who all three of them call, Nanny.

This mental prison, which has enslaved Naomi’s mind, has reinvented itself in adolescence. Her form of normality leads her down a broken path – where she gets married at age 17 to an abusive husband Tyrone, who is also a drug dealer, womaniser and philanderer. This marriage – based on a lie, comes to an end when Tyrone is caught with drugs in his possession by the police and sentenced to four years in prison.

This leaves Naomi crushed and alone, because this loveless marriage was all she had, and from a young age – this form of happiness was all she ever knew. Jamaican men, who beat, cheat and take advantage of women – it was what she had grown accustomed to. After the constant rebuke of her actions by her grandmother, Naomi realised that she couldn’t continue down that path of destruction and she tried to look for love elsewhere, in an African man, Joseph Ogetha.

Joseph’s flattery quickly turns into abuse, both mentally and physically, but he also helps her to give birth to the love of her life, Alicia Ogetha. And when Joseph gets stuck in Africa, and all hope of happiness rip to shreds, Naomi meets Garvin, a soldier in the British Army, who comes in at breaking point and helps her to regain her confidence in life again.


To view the trailer for Naomi click here.



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