July 21, 2019

GSM London students identified as future leaders

Chris Dinwiddy
Students listen closely to Chris Dinwiddy outline GE’s plan for Africa
Chris and Andrew Falconer (Director of Careers)
Students actively engaged in a Q&A session lasting well over an hour

One of the world’s largest multinationals, General Electric (GE) has identified GSM London students as potential leaders of their operations across Africa.

Chris Dinwiddy, Recruitment Leader for Sub-Saharan Africa visited the Greenwich campus recently to meet with students and discuss the growing opportunities in leadership, technical and management roles.

The event was aimed at students who have an African residency – especially for Nigeria, Angola, Kenya or South Africa – as Sub-Saharan Africa has been identified as one of the World’s fastest growing economic regions. The demand for talent and skills is resulting in companies searching globally for the best African talent for a continent where existing skills shortages are hindering continued economic expansion. In addition, African students studying abroad develop a global outlook – vital when working for a multinational.

The students engaged closely with GE’s proposal, and following the presentation, Chris took Q&As for over an hour. Questions ranged from the general – enquiring about local markets and to the detailed – focusing on relocation packages and pay.

Chris Dinwiddy explained “This is a fantastic opportunity for African graduates who have gained skills and experience of international business management in the UK. At GE we consider our employees as critical to our success in emerging economies and GE, being at the forefront of infrastructure development in Africa, is a great place to develop a career.”

Andrew Falconer, Director of Careers at GSM London, said: “GE has identified GSM London as a partner for recruitment from the UK because of the demographic of our student body and our strength in management education. We have more than 500 African students enrolled, many of whom have relevant experience.

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