April 22, 2019

GSM London a Member of Enterprise Educators UK

Student talking with a representative at a careers fair

GSM London is now officially a member of Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) in recognition of our focus on an entrepreneurial student environment.

GSM London has been recognised for its enterprising degrees and entrepreneurial spirit by the UK’s leading authority on Enterprise in education and is now an official member of Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK). This award came shortly after we launched our Formation Zone – which supports our students and the local community to push their existing businesses or launch new ideas – and our Enterprise and Small Business Development degree – which nurtures enterprising mind-sets with the knowledge to run a successful business.

The membership reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of our students, like those in our ‘Hall of Fame’ and will be a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow members of EEUK. EEUK is a leading UK authority on Enterprise in education and creates a supportive network of educators and practitioners to increase the effectiveness of entrepreneurship in education. Members include many UK universities, including Plymouth University who award our degrees, alongside start-up facilitators, such as Simply Do Ideas, providing the perfect balance of academic and practical expertise shared at member events. Membership also gives GSM London the opportunity to bid for, up to £5,000 of, the Enterprise Education and Research Fund to undertake a small entrepreneurship project.

Enterprise and all things entrepreneurial is at the heart of GSM London and our students, and is part of what makes us distinctive. Check out more stories of Enterprise at GSM London >

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