June 24, 2019

Featured Degree: Oil and Gas Management

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Choosing the perfect degree course can often be easier said than done. With the plethora of courses and careers available these days, finding the one that will suit your skillset perfectly and keep you interested for the duration of your studies can be a gruelling process at the best of times.

It is for this reason that the team here at GSM London has been bringing you our series of featured degrees, in the hope that they help you to find out just what our more popular courses are about and how they could help propel you into the career of your dreams.

Our latest instalment is about our BSc (Hons) Oil & Gas Management. You may well have seen our detailed course outline, but the following article should shed some more light on just what opportunities oil and gas courses can lead to and how the current economic landscape is such that courses of this type are more important than ever.

Our Oil & Gas Management Degree

We are often asked about the particular benefits of our degree courses aside from the obvious fact that you will end up with a respected qualification from the University of Plymouth at GSM London. Oil and gas courses are laden with benefits, below you can find what we think are the most salient:

Work Related Learning

Our BSc (Hons) Oil and Gas Management degree isn’t all about the piece of paper you receive at the end, although this is the holy grail. This course allows you to go out into the field and gain priceless experience of working in the energy sector.

Global Practitioners

As you will no doubt be aware, the energy sector is truly global and one of the great advantages of the course we offer, is the access you get to respected practitioners from around the world. Not only does this bolster your knowledge in terms of your coursework and exams but it could well give you a competitive edge when the time comes for breaking into the industry.

The Energy Institute

Another benefit of choosing this particular degree with GSM London is your student membership of the Energy Institute. With this comes access to their library and events which only serves to complement the fantastic insight you’re getting via your seminars and lectures.

Prerequisite Skills

In addition to the 32 UCAS points required to enrol on this course, there are some skills and attributes required that could well separate you from other applicants. These are of course talents that we will help you to develop during your time with us but showing demonstrable skills at an early stage will stand you in excellent stead.

Oil & Gas Job Opportunities

Ultimately, the value of this qualification will be in the job opportunities it creates for you later in life. Securing this degree course to an excellent standard will help you to pursue jobs across the oil and gas sectors and the wider global energy industry. With this space being so broad, one could expect to find themselves excelling at disciplines such as project management, health and safety advisory, research and even procurement or supply chain management.

These are to name just a few. With renewable energy and carbon management right at the top of the political agenda these days, this will surely unlock a truly exciting career and one that would be set to continue to change and develop over the decades. If you are looking for a career that will allow you to impact such important topics as climate change then our course is certainly for you.

20 Years of Global Oil Imports & Exports

If you’re still learning more about this ever-growing industry, then why not take a good look through our interactive global oil map? This fascinating graphic is stacked with data going all the way back to the mid-nineties, charting the biggest importers and exporters of oil in the world. You can find out everything from the net weight of oil imported and exported to the value of such yields. Give it a go and learn all there is to know about the trade of oil around the world between 1995 and 2015!

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