June 19, 2019

Featured Degree: Events and Entertainment Management

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The recently featured degree articles here at the GSM London blog have been proving extremely popular of late and as such, we have seen fit to bring you a profile of one of the more practical courses we have in our prospectus.

The BSc (Hons) Events and Entertainment Management degree is one that can grant access to an ever burgeoning range of careers, from music festivals to corporate conferences, due to its diverse selection of topics and related sectors.

If you have been considering a career in event management but aren’t quite sure if you have the right skills or attributes, the following guide may well help you to make this all-important decision.


GSM London’s Event Management Degree

The core principles of this course are fairly evident from its title but there is actually quite a lot more to this degree. It focusses on the role of events and entertainment from both an individual and an organisational perspective, as the industry continues to grow year on year.

This event management course is continually developed and enhanced through student liaison and feedback from industry experts, resulting in a programme that always has its finger on the pulse of the sector. Combining practical events and management training via seminars and lectures, students are given the chance to gain an academic degree that also gives them first-hand experience of the career they will be looking to head into.

This degree is also excellent for anyone looking for a course that allows for a great deal of social activity. As the events industry is highly active and relies on interpersonal skills, many modules contain live projects, volunteering opportunities, field trips and activities. Following the completion of this degree with GSM London, students will have all the skills and experience they need to hit the ground running in what has become an intensely competitive industry.


Future Job Opportunities

As with any qualification, the most important thing to consider is exactly what kind of future job opportunities it will unlock. As we have discussed, these are quite broad with the BSc (Hons) Events and Entertainment Management degree due to the fact that you study a wide range of disciplines that are relatable to several sectors. However, some of the typical careers one may head into following successful qualification include:

  • Event Management
  • Entertainment Entrepreneurship
  • Music Management
  • Fashion Management
  • Wedding Planning
  • Festival Planning
  • Charity & Community Events


Applying For Event Management With GSM London

If this course sounds like it’s for you, then you can find a lot more detail at our course page. However, you can get quick access to the online pre-application form here. You can also head to one of our campuses to chat with an undergraduate expert and ensure you are fully informed before taking this great step towards a career in a thriving sector. Just ensure you have the following information to hand:

  • Your Curriculum Vitae
  • A Written Reference
  • Originals of Qualifications
  • A Copy of Your Passport


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