February 22, 2019

Essential resources for university clearing

University clearing can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you are unprepared. This guide is here to make the process as easy as possible and provides a list of resources that are ready and waiting for when clearing numbers go live in mid-July.

Whether you didn’t quite make the grades or haven’t received any offers from your chosen institutions, UK university clearing can offer the perfect solution. Many see it as a backup plan into university, but it is also known for being a great opportunity, with many students having said that going through clearing was the best decision that they ever made. If the above situations apply to you, don’t panic – university study in London and the UK is still possible. Take a look at this comprehensive list of resources to ensure that your backup plan turns into the best plan.

The big guns

When it comes to clearing resources it’s best to pull out the big guns. UCAS offers all the information you need to know when it comes to the clearing process. From a how-to video that details everything about how the process works in visual form to step-by-step advice, the UCAS clearing information page is the ultimate essential resource for university clearing information.

Clearing is actually far simpler than what people may think. You don’t need to request entry into clearing, just check the status of your application in Track to find out if you are eligible.


While UCAS has all the information you may need about clearing, other resources may have more opinions, tips and up-to-date information. Newspapers are often a good go-to as they have many personal articles from students who have previously been through the process themselves and can offer non-biased advice.

The Telegraph is a good resource for clearing as they have a dedicated section for the subject that is updated regularly. Unlike UCAS, it has many news articles and features that students can browse through and become better acquainted with clearing in the media. As well as introducing a live webchat featuring a UCAS advisor, the newspaper has also introduced other methods to make gaining information about the process quicker and easier. As clearing is often a stressful time, it is beneficial to have resources available to you where you can find out information fast.

You can even take this information on the move now as well, as the Telegraph has introduced a number of Telegraph clearing apps where you can do all kinds of things from the palm of your hand – you can work our your UCAS points, find out which degree courses suit your A-levels and more.

Another great resource is The Guardian and their clearing pages. Similarly, they don’t offer quite the same level of expertise as UCAS, but they do provide some insightful articles on the long list of universities in clearing and plenty of up-to-date information. Updated regularly, the Guardian clearing page makes for a great resource and interesting read if you are considering the process.


While the aforementioned resources are great for researching clearing, nothing quite beats social media for up to date information. Just as students have begun to favour Twitter over email when it comes to university correspondence, as reported in this article, Twitter and Facebook are quickly becoming the norm for asking questions on pressing topics. For this reason many of the big sites, such as UCAS have their own dedicated clearing Twitter profiles, ready and waiting to answer any questions you have more effectively. UCAS’ dedicated Twitter account opens specifically for the clearing window and can provide answers quickly.

Additionally, Twitter is good just to see how other students are dealing with the process and what questions others are asking. Such hashtags as #Clearing, #UCASClearing and #Clearing can all offer an insight into what people are thinking about clearing and what questions are being asked.

GSM London has also done some of the hard work for you; we’ve asked the experts for their top tips for university clearing – take a look at it here. So don’t fret when it comes to clearing, armed with these essential resources the world of higher education is still your oyster.


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