April 22, 2019

Degrees to Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

Monika applied for the BSc (Hons) Business Management degree at GSM London to set herself up for her future career. She is now enjoying her course and is working to cultivate the skills she needs to set up her own business. Here, she shares her experience in her own words and the how GSM London helped her to harness her entrepreneurial skills.

GSM London students harnesses her Entrepreneurial Skills“I think the main thing that stands out about GSM London is how it presents such a conducive learning environment. I adore studying here at the new Greenford Campus, a large building with lots of study space.”

“GSM London’s experience in delivering management and business-focused courses, alongside degrees accredited by the highly-recognised and reputable Plymouth University, are just two of the reasons I decided to come and study here.

“The lecturers have a vast amount of knowledge, as well as industry experience, and their willingness to share this with their students brings the classroom to life. The classes are still quite small, which means we get the attention we need. It’s a much better way to learn, as opposed to being in lectures of 100 students or more.

“There’s a lot of support here too, especially careers support and advice. Last year, for example, the dedicated careers team ran a mock assessment day, which offered us all invaluable experience. It really makes you feel one step ahead of the game.

“After graduating I want to set up my own business, and, as many of the lecturers here have done just that, they are very keen to encourage students’ entrepreneurship. It is nice that they are willing to share their own experience, so that we can use it and learn from it for our own endeavours. GSM London is an inspiring place to learn, aiming to set students up for their future career.”

GSM London student grows her entrepreneurial skills

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  1. I’m doing oil and gas degree management
    I want develop my skill and also achieve high education

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