July 17, 2019

A degree of difference for career progression

Already settled into a working role, Samson joined GSM London to enable him to advance within his career sector. He took up the Extended BSc (Hons) Business Management course, including Year 0 and the final year at an accelerated pace, so he could study within a suitable timeframe. Here he tells us why GSM London was the right choice of educational provider and how his degree will accelerate his career progression.

GSM London's Student Samson talks Career Progression
“My job was going well and my employers were impressed with my work – however, I realised that I couldn’t progress my career any further without a degree. At GSM London I was given the opportunity to study the foundation year and the BSc (Hons) Business Management in just three years. I needed to continue working alongside my studies, so this flexibility was really important to me because it meant I wouldn’t have to interrupt my career for too long.”

“There is a great range of support for students here. For example, when I first started, I took an academic writing course that taught me how to engage in speculative debate and how to quote and reference different sources. I saw a huge improvement in my writing in a short space of time and was able to use GSM London’s well-stocked library as a quiet study place.

“The classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technologies to ensure productivity and the tutors are truly interested in students’ progress and know us well, thanks to small size classes. Many tutors have worked in the business sector and often share their own experiences, helping students to know what to expect when we go into business. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my own career.

“I’ve worked within the education sector for over ten years now and once I finish my studies I would like to continue my career there – either in a corporate role or in a teaching capacity. Studying at GSM London, I’ve gained a lot of confidence, and I now feel ready to go out and do something really worthwhile.”

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