June 27, 2019

Course Advisor Insights – Q & A with Adel

GSM London Course Advisor - Adel Q & A

We’ve invited a guest onto our blog to answer a few of the frequently asked questions new students have about studying at GSM London.


Adel is an experienced Course Advisor at GSM London, offering personal advice to students on the right degree, study mode, entry route and course structure. Below is her inside scoop into the most commonly asked questions. Book a course advisor meeting here >

1. What is the percentage of written work against exams to pass each year?

At GSM London, the majority of modules require a mix of written coursework, presentations and examination, essential to giving you the transferable skills you need in business. We aim to keep examinations to a minimum and assess you on your performance in class, in groups and individually. Some modules; like Project Management, are assessed only by coursework, while some modules such as Numeracy are assessed by exam only and the remainder such as Law a combination of written coursework and presentations

2. How much written work is required in each semester?

With the exception of Introduction to Accounting at Level 4 which is assessed by in-class tests, all of our modules require written work. You will be given your assessment at the beginning of your module so you have plenty of time to research and prepare your assignment. So there’s no last minute rushes and laptop crashes to get between you and submitting your coursework.

3. If I have not studied before, or have minimal formal qualifications, what’s the correct entry route for me?

For applicants who have studied up to GCSE / O-Levels and / or possess some work experience, Foundation Year 0 may be an appropriate entry route. We encourage anyone looking to apply to our Foundation Year 0 degree to speak to us in the first instance for personalised advice. At GSM London we also accept mature students based on their work experience. We guide our applicants all throughout the application process to make sure that they’re given the best chance to gain entry onto our programmes. At our Course Advisors’ office, every day is an open day and we’re always happy to help.

4. Can you give me a taster of the typical assignments and exams?

A typical written coursework could involve students investigating and recommending solutions based on a business issue and producing an essay or report detailing the problem and a resolution; based on topics covered in the classroom. Word limit can range between 1,000 and 5,000 words depending on the level of study. You wouldn’t be expected to write 5,000 words in your first year, it’s more like 500-1,000 words in your first year and builds up to your final project / dissertation in your last year.

5. If I have not studied in English before can i still join GSM London?

Not having English as a first language is not a problem at all. The Course Advisors will assess the applicant’s documents to see if an English test is required. We don’t ask the students to pay over £100 for an external English test, as we have in-house English tests on a regular basis. We’re able to test the applicant’s English language proficiency and offer preparation classes, when necessary. We always make sure that the applicants are well prepared for the test and send them plenty of practice material ahead of time. The Course Advisor will contact the applicant with their test results and advise them on the next steps.

6. What is the average time I need to allocate to studying each week?

All of our programmes are full time, but students will have breaks after every semester and they never have to attend during the weekend. Students are expected to complete 600 hours of learning each term of which 120 will occur in the classroom. A typical term is 15 weeks (with one week of exams). The remaining 480 hours should be allocated to independent study (including preparing assignments / presentations in your groups, researching in the library or reading online journals, revising for exams and reading your reports / essays.

7. What support do I get?

We’re happy to say that GSM London offers personal tutoring for all of your Year 0 and Year 1 Students. Therefore the students will not need to worry that they don’t get enough support prior to having hand in their coursework or writing their exams.

8. What is the best thing about being a student at GSM London?

I’ve been working at GSM London for over 3 years now and it’s fantastic to see how the students progress and how their confidence grows. The best thing about being a student at GSM London is definitely the support you get from the very beginning of your journey all the way to your graduation and the opportunity to meet like-minded, fantastic people, who’re all keen to better themselves and gain a career-focused degree.

For more information, call 020 8003 1154 or book a course advisor meeting here >

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