June 19, 2019

My Career by Zunera Zaman – Teacher (An unexpected journey)

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Unexpected directions, is what we all undertake in search of our goal, whether in life or of a career choice. My name is Zunera and I am a graduate of GSM, currently working as a Secondary School Teacher in Dubai and I am going to explain my journey.

I was bought up in a disciplined academically focused family, who strived for none other than the best for success. Now, don’t get me wrong, ensuring one tried their best was what the expectations were. Being the eldest, I was told I had to lead by example; however, let’s just say my unexpected turn of success was very differently anticipated by my family.

My journey began when I left boarding school at the tender age of eleven, I only survived five days to which I had to convince my family to take me back. I then attended a comprehensive secondary school in Slough for the rest of my compulsory education life, which was the best choice I ever made, despite the disappointment in my family.

I ended up hanging with the wrong group of friends who in turn had a direct impact on my academic (even though I was the brightest of the bunch, if I say so myself). My family decided to provide me with tuition to boost my grades, nonetheless this had very little effect on me despite the £ spent on me.

I entered my GCSE year with only the hope of passing and somehow still becoming a Doctor (Paediatrician, to be precise) and to my astonishment I achieved B’s and C’s. Hoping A-Levels would be a fresh start, quite the reverse occurred, I ended up retaking a year and finally passing and entering onto a BSc(Hons) Degree with GSM.

Another fresh start, this time I was in competition with myself and hoped I could complete an accelerated programme; to which came true and I finally graduated from Human Resource Management and Information Systems.

Ambition of being a Doctor to failing, entering onto a HR programme and then finally to a PGCE in Computer Science and ICT, the risks I had taken allowed me to pursue further choices I never thought I would take. I completed the programme at Institute of Education/UCL and started my life as a teacher in July 2014 in an outstanding school in Slough. I became confident in myself and my abilities and thoroughly enjoyed my short lived experience teaching in the UK; however I wanted to challenge myself further. I left the UK graded as an outstanding teacher and have continued my teaching journey.

It has not been an easy ride and I definitely have not fulfilled my dream of being a doctor, but I believe every turn I have taken has been fulfilled with success regardless of the failures. You see, I do NOT believe there is such a thing as failure, every downturn we are faced with is only an upturn to something else. I have learnt, not to be so disappointed and definitely not to compare myself with peers/colleagues, BUT to take inspiration and aspire to change befitting for YOU.

I am now enjoying a very different life, the world is my oyster, who knows what tomorrow brings.We all are striving a unique journey of choices. Believe. Empower. Inspire.

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