April 22, 2019

My Career – Jonathan Lawal (Lecturer and wannabe pilot)

Broaden your Horizon FINALToday our blog demonstrates how our careers end up being very different from our first ambitions as a child. Most of us both enjoy and endure many twists and turns on the way.  

My name is Jonathan Lawal and I am a lecturer, currently working at GSM London, I module lead Logistics and Operations Management.

It may seem strange to say but my preferred career was not to be a lecturer, but (wait for it) as a pilot. I loved the idea of meeting different personalities and cultures, you could say that that I have at least accomplish the latter, for as you know GSM London contains this in abundance, from management right down to the students.

My first degree was in Business Management, and my first job was in banking, yes banking!I know most of the students I lecture will know my feelings on the banking industry, so I accept that this is a little ironic.

But most of my peers did not know that for a time I was working in the transport industry before I moving into the IT industry where specialised in logistics management working at SITA aero. I was made redundant and decided to improve my chances of attaining a job by enrolling for an MBA course, where? Yes, you guessed it at GSM London.

During my time at GSM I got to meet a lot of interesting people and got involved in college life by assisting in invigilating exams and so on. At the end of my master’s program I was invited to be a lecturer for the year zero students.

So that is how I ended up becoming a lecturer. I did not think I would still be in the education industry, but I enjoy it and get to meet with various people and the appreciation I get from the students is extremely rewarding. Which means I intend to continue with my career as a lecturer, why? because it is a wonderful calling.



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