October 19, 2018

Afreeca’s ‘E’venting a new course as Events Student Consultant

Events Management Student Consultant


Afreeca Taiwo – GSM London Events Student Consultant, on the Foundation Year 0 pathway.

My name is Afreeca Taiwo I am currently studying the Events Management degree over four years including Foundation Year 0. I am lucky enough to have been chosen to be a student consultant; this means we get to take part in meetings throughout the University and off campus, with lecturers, the module leaders, to help better our program. By making changes and applying them to the course such as getting the opportunity to work with big organisations, charities and foundations; gaining work experience.

Having such responsibility as a student consultant builds your confidence skills and ability to work within a team, which is fantastic before finishing the degree. As Student Consultants we not have the theory based understanding in the subjects we have chosen, but also a practical hands-on experience; which will be passed on to fellow students. Knowing that we, the student consultants, will help create a legacy is so rewarding within itself. I feel very lucky and grateful for being a part of this experience.

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