March 26, 2019

Accountancy and Finance Students sizzle with Sage Line 50 Training.


16 GSM accounting and finance student took up the offer of free Sage Line 50 training from KBM Training on a hot May day in Greenford.  KBM Training was established by the KBM group after identifying several major issues facing professionals in the accountancy and finance market. One of these key issues is the need to keep up to date with training and knowledge of the latest software packages in the industry. KBM sent three top professionals Sheryar Malik, Mohsin Saeed, Ekaterina and Zahid Iqbal to deliver the Sage Line 50 Training, all of who were ACCA qualified and in some cases held MBAs

Sheryar led the workshop with an introduction on the importance of Sage Line 50 and an insight into the graduate market, roles and requirements. He explained to the students that Sage is used by 6 million professionals and 50% of accountancy practices. Over 50% of all UK practices require it and over 14,000 self employed accountants in the UK use it. The students readily absorbed the benefits of undertaking this training and acquiring the skills to be able to use this global accounting software package. Sheryar went on to share research conducted by You Gov on behalf of Edge that found over 17% of people achieved a promotion after gaining a vocational qualification and 26% received a pay rise.

KBM Trainer

His colleagues then facilitated a hands on session allowing the students to use the software on a series case studies. Despite the heat from the room, all the students worked on mastering a series of accountant’s files requiring VAT payable or VAT receivable payments.  This required accuracy of data input to ensure the validity of running subsequent reports.

As one student attending put it ‘I enjoyed the demonstration of the Sage software. As now I have the basic understanding of accounts files, such as VAT file, Accounts file, and audit files’ and another said she ‘found the session very helpful’ and made a request to have a copy of the presentation slides. These have now been loaded onto the blackboard.

All the students who attended have increased their chances of employment by attending this high quality and intensive training and equipped them to access a greater range of accountancy and finance roles.

KBM’s generosity has not stopped in sizzling Greenford and they will be back on both campus during activities week on 2nd and 4th June 2014 and details can be found on eventbrite. Nor does KBM’s engagement with GSM stop there as all students who attended the Sage Line 50 training will be entitled to further free training. The KBM Group is generously offering a free advanced excel or sap training which normally costs between £300 – £500. This is another brilliant opportunity for students to take up and further differentiate their CV in a competitive graduate market. After attending the Sage training students should email and indicate which of the following days would be suitable to attend this follow up training that will take place in 2 different locations: Park Royal, West London office (6th , 8th 10th  June) and Canary Wharf (7th 9th 11th June).

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