July 21, 2019

Life as a Recruiter

Christel Dambendzet, Recruitment Consultant

Christel Dambendzet, a GSM London Alumni reflects on how her studies at GSM London helped to shape her Human Resources Management career – taking her from London to France.

Tell us briefly about yourself and your career?

I hold of a Bachelor in Human Resource and Management with Information Systems. I graduated from GSM two years ago.

I choose the recruitment industry because recruitment is a critical activity and it is crucial to organizations.

I am a Recruitment Consultant for Page Outsourcing in France.  I would describe it as a multifaceted role. In essence I work as a marketer, networker, interviewer and seller, as I try to find the perfect match between job seeker and employers.

It’s a role that involves meeting with clients to build relationships and review the job descriptions as well as planning a recruitment strategy with co-workers and advertising vacancies though Broadbean – our Applicant Tracking Systems. (This ATS help us to advertise our vacancies to all our job boards and social media simultaneously.)

I am in charge of the mailbox and selecting the best candidates according to their resumes and cover letters. I also manage the whole interview process which can include psychometric tests or role play games.

I brief successful candidates about the responsibilities of the job, the salary and benefits. Then I prepare all the documentation and book interview slots for the final interview with the clients.

When I received the feedback from the clients, I send rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates.

Finally I upgrade the new hires into the database and I create an Excel sheet to resume the whole recruitment process for the client records.

What would be your top tips for students interested in working/studying in HR/Recruitment?

For students who are interested in working in HR, I would recommend they volunteer or combine their degree with a CIPD qualification. CIPD is a passport for HR entry level roles such as HR Administrator or HR Assistant.

For those interested into recruitment they should approach Recruitment Agencies, as the recruitment industry is expanding and looking for graduates who are problems solvers, good communicators, and who possess commercial and interpersonal skills.

Recruitment Agencies accept candidates without experience from all different backgrounds, as long as they are driven by results. They invest in their staff in order to onboard them successfully. New hires tend to learn practical experience quickly.

How have GSM London and the Careers & Employability Service helped in your chosen career path?

Graduating from GSM London has enabled me to have open doors with my careers prospect. The Careers & Employability team helped in making my CV stand out from the competition, by relating all the previous experience I had to any HR positions I was applying for.

What are your top tips for students graduating this year?

I will recommend students graduating this year to work hard because good grades will increase their chances of securing graduate schemes.  In addition they should attend Careers and Employability workshops and book one-to-one sessions for interview techniques or CV reviews, as recruiters spend less than 10 seconds on a CV.

What should they be doing to ensure a successful career transition beyond GSM London?

Students graduating this year should apply for volunteer positions within their chosen field or try for an internship. They might also look for agencies who promote job offers for graduates abroad.

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