April 22, 2019

60 seconds with International Student Nick (Nhon)

Nick (Nhon), an international student from Vietnam, wanted a university degree that fitted with his ideals, and would help him achieve his goals. Now studying for a BSc Business Management degree at our Greenwich Campus, he shares his thoughts on why GSM London’s supportive culture and fast-track degree options made it the right choice to study at.

GSM London International Student

Tell us, why did you choose GSM London?

“I chose GSM London because of its dynamic studying environment, combined with its fast-track degree options and its extensive teaching history. I was also impressed by its strong reputation for research and practical methods in management education.”

What have you found is unique about your experience at GSM London?

“I’d say that the most distinctive thing about GSM London is the willingness to help, not only from the staff but also the students. Everyone is working together to achieve a common educational goal, and that’s a great thing to be a part of. I’m really confident that I’ve selected a worthy university, and I’m already benefiting from my studies.”

That’s fantastic! So what is it that interests you most about your programme?

“I think the career-focused programmes are all exciting, as they allow us to learn the latest practical theories. We get to carry out stimulating hands-on assessments that engage us with real-life experiences, and enable us to enter the working world with a strong practical advantage.”

How was your classroom experience at GSM London?

“The teaching methods are great: small class sizes mean that every single student gets more interaction and guidance, the lecturers provide a lot of assistance, and the practical, up-to-date courses capture your attention.”

What would you consider to be the top 3 reasons for attending GSM London?

  1. Two-year fast-track degree options
  2. Degrees are awarded by the prestigious Plymouth University
  3. Excellent careers support. In particular, CV writing and interview preparations.

Would you recommend GSM London? If yes, why?

“I would certainly recommend GSM London! The university is simply amazing, with lots of help available from lecturers, the careers team and the student hub, whatever the problem is, and with state-of-the-art facilities on two great campuses. GSM London offers everything you could look for in a university, especially for those who have already attended further education and are looking for a degree that can be granted quickly.”

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