February 22, 2019

Studying a Degree – is it really worth it?

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Among my peers it has become increasingly more common for me to hear the old “why study when you can earn?” question. Well, after two years of study and less than a month out of education, I have already found myself in full time employment and am earning more than the majority of my friends. All thanks to hard work, and determination to secure my position as a marketer in the future. Though there’s a lot more to studying in higher education than securing a graduate job with a fancy title.

Skills Become Second Nature

Studying a degree makes certain skills become second nature, such as self-management, research and analysis – something you a vast amount of whilst studying at university. Self-management, I have found is one that frequently comes up in interviews. “How well are you able to manage yourself?” Employers want to know whether the decision to hire you is worth their investment. It is important to show that you are able to prioritize your duties, manage your time and handle the pressure of having deadlines. Also, you must be able to manage upwards. Your senior manager might not always be aware of all the details regarding your set tasks and must be made aware of what is needed from them to ensure the success of the project. Be sure to have your facts ready in support of your requests.

Passion to Progression

Studying a degree gives you the opportunity to turn your passion into a means of progressing not just professionally, but mentally. It provides a deeper more theoretical understanding of your field of study and teaches you to apply what you have learned in different contexts of life. Personally, the thought of using the knowledge that I have acquired to accomplish greater achievements is very exciting. From studying the BSc (Hons) Marketing degree I was able to decide upon one of my life goals – to establish a brand within the Caribbean that will provide positive contributions to the economy and people in the form of jobs and support to enhance natural talents.

A Sense of Fulfilment

One of the best things about completing a degree is to know that I accomplished it myself. That I overcame all the obstacles that I was confronted with. Now I know that I am capable of setting and accomplishing goals. Success to me, is setting and realizing goals which increase in difficulty each time one is set.

Networking Opportunities

Network. Network. Network. There’s no place like university to make connections that one day might be key to you fulfilling your purpose. You never know who the person sat next to you will become. University gives you the opportunity to become associated with people interested in different fields, from a different background and with a diverse list of connections that you can use to get into the right places or positions.

It’s all down to YOU

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t let anyone make the decision to study on your behalf. It should be a personal decision. If you have a passion and are keen to learn more then I definitely recommend taking on a degree. You learn and develop so much, and though you might not realise, employers definitely do.

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