June 16, 2019


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Nyasha Pitt is a passionate content marketer, with more than 20 years’ experience, both in-house and in agency. Nyasha has worked for clients and companies including The London Taxi Company, Butlins, Land Securities, National Express, English Heritage and Marstons Pub Company. Find out more about her and connect at: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nyasha-pitt-96bba713

It’s an exciting time to be a marketer… although to be fair, I might be a bit biased… ok then, very biased… because I’ve always been really, really excited about being a marketer!

When I first decided that I wanted to be a marketer, it was driven purely by my love of adverts.

Not advertising. I was way too young to really understand the nuances, psychology and breadth of marketing communications…

I just loved adverts. Often, in my opinion, they were better than the programmes they were interrupting. I loved the jingles, the slogans, the singing, the dancing… who knew cleaning products could bring so much spontaneous and unadulterated joy into so many people’s lives?

And what sort of minds could produce these amazing and memorable characters, who could inject humour into the mundane, or deliver such poignancy in 20-30 seconds?

Who were these people? All I knew was, I wanted to be one.

This is what I wanted to be when I grew up. A change maker. A message magician. A wizardly wordsmith!

My first ‘proper’ marketing role was in financial services, writing copy for fixed rate savings bonds and ISAs.

Perhaps not the most exciting products for a young, eager marketer, but I didn’t care. I was excited! I was working full-time in a building society, in their call centre and studying part-time, and wanted a role that would allow me to put the theory into practice. I’d been onto our intranet and seen a vacancy for a Marketing Assistant role in the savings department. This is when I learnt one of life’s most important lessons; never be backwards in putting yourself forwards, especially within the marketing sector. Although no advert had been posted, I sent the Marketing Manager an email expressing interest in the role. He admitted that the role had been vacant for some time and that (probably because he didn’t have an assistant) he had simply not had time to start the recruitment process… my interest spurred him on and within a fortnight an advert had been posted. My enthusiasm and ambition impressed the interview panel so much, I beat a Marketing graduate to the role. It was excellent grounding for my career in Marketing, as I was involved in the entire product development cycle, from research to launch. And apart from the legalese, I had (almost) free rein to write compelling and interesting copy… and sometimes, I even got to be a little cheeky or add some humour too!

This is when I discovered that I had a very real and very serious addiction. Seeing my copy in print.

It’s a feeling only bettered when reviewing campaign ROI and realising that you have delivered on every single one of your objectives… seriously, this is the rush that marketers live for! This and good quality coffee…

I went on to work in several agencies, each teaching me valuable life lessons… some positive, some not so much… but boy, did I learn. The most important take-aways? Content matters – whether that’s copy, images, video, info-graphics, blogs, social… whatever. It matters. And it’s usually driven by solid research, audience intelligence and hard work.

Digital is, of course, the future, but if you can’t deliver on the content, then quite simply, you can’t deliver.

I also learnt to never burn bridges; the marketing industry is smaller than you think. And the mark of a great marketer is knowing your own strengths and being able to bring in other experts to play to theirs. So, whether you’re a digital diva or a copy-writing chief, collaboration is key.

Another valuable life lesson is never stop learning. Marketers who think they know it all, quite simply, stagnate. I believe that marketing is a constantly evolving reflection of societal norms, aspirations and behaviours; so it’s important to keep studying, attending seminars or webinars and industry events. I always encourage my team members and colleagues to keep reading and researching; it’s so important to stay current. It’s not easy to juggle life and learning sometimes. It’s your career, your future though and no-one else can or will make this a priority for you. It helps to have long-term goals in mind; once you have, break the steps to fulfilment into bite-size chunks… as the saying goes, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. So, focus on what excites you. It’s a lot easier to make time if you’re following your passion.

And, so I’m still excited. I think that’s important, whatever you do. As is self-belief and passion. And being happy.

I’ve always focused on the elements of the marketing mix that I have passion for, and so that passion has never waned.

Do what you love. Love what you do. That’s what I do, from embarking on a psychology degree last year to starting my own marketing consultancy, Living Content, later this year.

Starting my own consultancy has only been made possible because I have invested in myself consistently and constantly. Understanding and exploiting my strengths will be critical to success. Demonstrating my expertise to a new audience will require expert utilisation of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years. Not least my promotional prowess; I’ll need to use an omni-channel approach to advertise myself, to give confidence to prospective clients that I can do the same for them.

Right now, I am working on my digital presence to ensure that, when I officially launch this October, that I have a compelling website, a professional social presence and also some powerful examples of recent work to demonstrate credibility and commerciality. And as well as my psychology degree, I am also refreshing my SEO and digital skills through Google Digital Garage, attending webinars on entrepreneurship and developing blog content… it feels a little like I am constantly doing something at the moment… but I’m passionate about this, so I am finding the time!

And it will be worth it. I’ve never been afraid of hard work (which it will be) and I’m confident of two things:

  1. I will absolutely give it my best shot.
  2. It will make me very happy.

So, I’ve taken my own advice and followed my passion for content and copy-writing . Because content is important and should evolve constantly. Just like me! And being content is really important too.


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