April 22, 2019

GSM London Teaching Fellow visits Nea Kavala

GSM London teaching fellow, Neelofar Abrahimi, has spent time in the Nea Kavala refugee camp after graduating last year. This camp had around 2000 people, primarily women and children from Syria plus Kurds from Iraq.  As an independent visitor, Neelo was able to meet Syrian families and get to know their particular needs and issues. Additionally, she helped to teach English and support in various activities with the children. She didn’t stop there though! Drawing on funds raised from friends and family, she bought them basic essentials and has continued to send over money since her return. In her time at Nea Kavala, Neelo kept in touch with her supporters via Periscope, recording shopping trips where she purchased a variety of items based upon the needs of the refugees she took the time to know and support.

Though she is now back in the UK, Neelo has kept contact with the families she spent time with and has on social media, “I don’t think they expected the support to go on for as long as it has.” She now gets donations from all over the world through social media.

What was her motivation to help refugees?

At the tender age of 5 years old, Neelo and her family relocated from Afghanistan to Iran. After a short period of time, they then found themselves travelling to a refugee camp in Greece where they would stay until the opportunity came to move and settle in the UK.

Now an adult, and having graduated from GSM London with an Oil and Gas Management degree, Neelo felt it was her time to give back. Her experiences as a child had a profound impact, and she is determined to help others in similar circumstances.

I’m sure you all agree with us that Neelo is a true humanitarian and deserving of the praise she receives! We look forward to hearing more about her charitable work.

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