June 16, 2019

GSM London Graduate, Claudette Shay, shares her inspirational journey with the Independent

Independent News article about pregnant homeless teenager now working for leading law firm

GSM London graduate, Claudette Shay, recently shared her inspirational journey – from a homeless and pregnant teenager feeling ‘terrified’ and ‘lonely’ to a university graduate with a job in recruitment. Her story has been published by the Independent and Evening Standard as well as gaining a lot of attention online.

Claudette started studying a degree in Human Resources Management at GSM London after Centrepoint helped her off the street and onto a skills programme.

Her story has been covered by both the Independent and the Evening Standard receiving over 10,000 shares and dozens of comments – which Claudette is replying to, to help and inspire as many people as she can.

We’re so proud of Claudette and her accomplishments in being able to overcome adversity, complete her degree and secure a graduate career. Her story is an inspiration to not only to her son but all prospective students that face challenges in life and proof that you can achieve your Bold Dreams.

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