June 16, 2019

Get Creative – The art of everything


Guest post by Deb McKoy Founder at peppergrain.com

To be a creative person means having the ability to see possibilities in the things around you. Our level of creativity is determined by how many uses we can find for a single thing. When an idea pops into your head, the idea itself isn’t genius, but how many ways you can find to adapt that idea.

Musicians display this ability in the many ways they find to play instruments. A track is typically made up of drums, bass, keyboards, and a guitar. The genre of music will have a distinct style, however the unique element will be in how each part is brought together to create an original piece of music.

The Oxford English Dictionary contains entries for 171,476 words. Most people use around 5,000 words in their speech, and about twice that many in their writing. The average songwriter then, selects from a pool of up to 10,000 words. Combinations for how those 10,000 words are put together is endless. Once brought together with a backing track the potential for each song is increased and further developed by alternative arrangements and remixes.

The art of everything is to see how each component can be brought to life to give your creativity an endless realm of possibilities. This is also true for the job market. Many traditional roles have evolved and new occupations have emerged adapting everything from the way we consume goods to how we interact with one another. Technology has completely transformed our lives, even impacting the way musicians make music, through to the way music is marketed. The key to keeping up with these rapid changes is in adapting the way you think and seeking new solutions not only for your own creative process, but also for the lives of consumers.

Entrepreneurs know how to poke and change the world around them. They are rule breakers, people who change the way we approach things by starting and running businesses and ventures to express ideas through the best use of technology, entrepreneurialism, and solutions. These three areas can be used creatively to change the world. But how willing we are to adapt will determine how great that change will be.

– Find the best use of technology
– Think outside the box
– Create solutions

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