February 18, 2019

Strengths based recruitment


I recently attended a seminar about how companies are switching from competency based recruitment to that based around strengths.  For many candidates this is a very new concept and it can be quite worrying. But recruiters are doing this for a reason. Many are discovering that the more traditional competency based approach lets good potential talent slip through the net.

Competency recruitment is still the most common selection method. Competency recruitment is about skills. It’s about your ability to do the job. The employer has identified the skills needed to undertake certain tasks and then built a selection system around testing those abilities.

Can you see any flaw in this? Just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean that you want to. You may have brilliant Excel skills but find the idea of sitting behind a computer all day too unbearable. So recruiters also ask about motivation in these selection methods.

Strengths based approaches are different. They recognise the importance of skills and abilities but also that many skills can also be learnt. They start with passion. What excites you? What will keep you engaged and interested? In a strengths-based interview they are not looking for rehearsed “stock” answers to competency questions, but for animation, energy and enthusiasm. Strengths might cover compassion, humility, enabling and strategic awareness as against communication skills, leadership and team working. It’s a very different approach.

JobMi is a new tool provided by CAPP, one of the leading providers of strengths based tools to recruiters. It allows you to identify some of your own strengths and match them with recruiters.

This video from Ernst & Young, one of the early adopters of strengths-based recruitment, explains more about the selection method:


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