July 22, 2019

60 Seconds with Robert Clarke, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, Law and Technology

60 Seconds with Robert Clarke, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, Law and Technology.

Robert Clarke - GSM London Deputy Dean

What is your academic background (qualifications etc)?
Undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry respectively.

How long have you been working here?
Since October 2013.

What attracted you about working here?
The opportunity to change students’ lives (by obtaining their first chosen degree) through innovative quality teaching and a positive student experience.

What were you doing before you decided to teach at GSM London?
I ran my own business for 15 years in the Further Education sector.  I was a Programme Manager and a Head of Department at a Higher Education Institution. 

Do you enjoy being here?
Yes. GSM London is a very dynamic organisation and it’s a pleasure being a part of the students success, especially at graduation.

Tell us something unique about you (something quirky).
I am a twin.

What subject(s) are you currently teaching?
Management, Marketing and Business.

Tell us about your experience in the field you teach and any interesting projects you have worked on.
While owning my running my own business I obtained contracts with BUPA, NHS, Colleges and councils.  I developed a number of products in the marketplace, from concept to completion for different sectors, to increase revenue and the reputation of my own organisation.  The business allowed me to deliver training at Manchester United and Chelsea Football club.

Do you have any other experience in any other field?
I’m a scientist by my first degree, with chemistry being my scientific area.    
Private tutor for ‘O’ and ‘A’ level maths and chemistry.

What research projects have you conducted?
I have conducted a number of research projects, in particular; Research Project 1 was displayed at The 4th Nuremberg Congress of European Coatings and published. Research Project 2 was displayed at The European Coatings Conference in Berlin.

How does your works experience, incorporated with your academic experience help support your students? (Do students get involved with anything?) (Is your course content up-to-date with industry advancements?)
While being in Business for a long period of time, it has given me pertinent skills and invaluable experience that I have brought into the classroom so relevant theory is easily contextualised.   

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