February 22, 2019

The 27 hour digital day

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Technology’s changing at an astonishing rate and you’re often so busy that sleep’s become a luxury. There’s certainly no time to keep up with social media. Sound familiar? Fear not. Babawande Sheba and Zach Thompson have the answer – a 27-hour digital day. Impossible as that might seem, a recent seminar run for the local business community by two of GSM London’s lecturers showed how.

Babawande Sheba, IT Programme Leader explains: ‘The idea was to help people to get more out of their day by using digital technology – both professionally and personally.’

People often feel swamped by technology and see it as another distraction in their already busy lives. However, used effectively, it can help people to better manage their time.

Zach Thompson, Business Management Programme Leader continues: ‘Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead, users should tailor it to their needs. For example: the user chooses whom to follow on Twitter. It’s like creating your own newspaper where you become the editor and decide what’s on the front page. It cuts out the time spent looking for relevant content.’

The audience was comprised of professionals from the local community; GSM London, as part of their corporate responsibility, provided the venue and the trainers. The subjects covered included: mobile and cyber security, social media tools and Google docs. The day was incredibly successful and afterwards attendees were keen to know more.

There was even tweeting about the seminar, under the hashtag #27hrdigitalday.

27hrdigital clock - GSM London

The idea originated when Babawande and Zach attempted to determine the number of additional hours of productivity they each gain everyday by being able to better utilise portable devices and social media. This was followed by a chance request made to Babawande, who said: ‘A group wanted to know more about technology and asked me to give a presentation about what technology could do for them. Time management is a problem for many people today, so I decided to talk about how technology can help increase productivity.’

It gained momentum from there. Babawande teamed up with Zach, who has close links with the local business community and they further developed the idea around digital technology.

If you’d like to find out more about the 27-hour digital day you can contact Babawande at babawande.sheba@gsm.org.uk

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