June 16, 2019

Bridging the gender gap in higher education

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It is not breaking news that women now over populate men in higher education, in 2017 in the lead up to universities opening term, there were several reports on the downturn of male students enrolling for higher education. Records revealed an all-time high, for the number of females, about 30,000 more women than men started degree courses last autumn. Now there are many speculations as to why this the situation, some of which are:

• In 2012 fees increases to £9000, despite this demand for places were still ranked higher for women.
• Nursing and teaching are now counted as graduate professions.
• Prior exam systems based on coursework tended to favour consistent and conscientious female students.

Due to the fact that this trend first surfaced in the mid 90’s, when women first took over male students. Scholars are predicting a divide as big as the one between the rich and the poor, if figures continue to accelerate at the current pace.

Expert opinion on the gender gap in education

Alistair Jarvis, Chief Executive of Universities UK, said:

While the strong demand from 18-year-olds is positive, the continuing drop in mature applicants must be addressed by the government if we are going to meet future skills needs.

GSM London believes in the power and mindset of all our students and whether someone is male or female that should not be a hindrance to their potential success or achievement. With a student population of many men, we provide learning techniques that reinforce a curriculum that engages and encourages employability and success.

We offer a range of courses that excite and inspire their current and prospective male students, enabling them to embark on a career path that leads to success.

Oil and Gas Executive officer

The UK Oil and Gas industry currently bring in £21 billion in revenue according to 2017 figures, therefore this is a minor reflection of what the figure amounts to around the world. GSM London provides a course that brings leading insight to a multibillion-dollar industry.


GSM London gives students the chance to really get a grip on the world of business and discover what it really takes to run a successful company through an enterprise and small business development course. So if the desire is to be your own boss and influence others it is achievable. Men are still a driving force in many entrepreneurial ventures, this course provides great knowledge and skill.

Becoming a CEO

Men continue to dominate the high-ranking positions in terms of corporate leadership, become a CEO or regional manager. Through our business management degree students have been equipped with knowledge and skills in subject topics such as corporate leadership, team management and other vital business functions.

Department Manager

For those who are already working within a professional setting GSM London provide a course that can boost careers. The Professional management course provides a student with skills that can help someone to successfully run a department, undertake large projects and gain deeper into the world of digital marketing.

We live in a world that encourages equal opportunity, GSM London continues to provide avenues to bridge the gap between men and women in higher education, standing firm in the belief that education is invaluable, and we should always encourage others to learn and do more.

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