June 26, 2019

Confidence and My Degree

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“If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started. ”-Marcus Garvey

Why did you decide to study Marketing?

Before I returned to study I had many conversations with myself that detailed how impossible a task it was, a dream deferred that I should probably just wake up from. I would later realise this was my lack of confidence speaking and the only way to quieten that voice was to do exactly what it was telling me I couldn’t do. So, I started at GSM London on a Marketing Degree course.

What have you gained from studying this course?

The outcome has been that every time I attend a lecture or a tutorial and every time I hand in an assignment I gain more and more confidence and that negative voice seems to be drowned out by the tap-tapping of my keyboard, the confidence came with the action. I have since transferred this new ethos into my everyday life. Starting my course has improved my self-esteem, I get excited to tell people I am a student studying marketing, I enjoy sharing my marketing insider knowledge while watching television adverts with my family, does it annoy them? Yes, do I let that stop me? Not a chance because I am confident. Studying has given me a sense of direction and a sense of accomplishment that spurs me on for future goals I may set myself. Becoming a student has equipped me with the ideology that there is nothing I cannot accomplish, even if I feel the task ahead is insurmountable there is always a way and there is always a support system to make use of.

How does GSM London help you?

At GSM London there is a lot of support for students both present and perspective and the Student Hub is the central nervous system of the student body, need information on finances and fees?Student Hub.Questions on term dates and timetables? Student Hub. The Student Hub is the go-to place for every GSM London related query you could have. But of course, the support for students doesn’t end at the Student Hub, there are also areas of support such as I.T Support, the Library, and a Student Portal complete with lecture slides and information about on-campus events such as short courses on Harvard referencing which is very helpful stuff. Another vital branch of the support tree is the staff at GSM London who make themselves available to help in any way they can, students and faculty members huddled over laptops and sheets of paper in the basement floor canteen during assignment periods is a comforting sight to behold.

Student Life

Being a student has afforded me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and all at varying levels of their educational attainment and there is nothing that inspires you more and builds up confidence like a shared team goal. I have spent many a night discussing looming assignment deadlines on WhatsApp group chats, the community spirit of student life is unrivaled.

Strength-based learning

Before starting at GSM London, personality tests were something to do while waiting for a train, at GSM they are a tool for learning. Strength-based learning gives you invaluable insight into the way you as an individual, learn. Strength-based learning shows you what your strengths are and how to best utilise them while equipping you with the tools to improve on weaknesses and learn effectively.


Any decision to undertake something as important as a course of study should be met with serious consideration but the one thing that should not affect your decision to study is a lack of confidence and once you grasp the idea that you are more than capable, that you are not alone and that you deserve to succeed, confidence is just the next natural step so I say go boldly and I’ll see you on that stage.

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