June 24, 2019

Like-minded and inspirational

What have you learnt at GSM London?

During the last three years that I have been studying Business Management (BSc) within higher education; I have had some meaningful, inspirational heartfelt conversations, with both my fellow students and my lecturers.

Throughout my professional skills module, I got a real insight into, both the passion as well as the motivation in which my lecture had whilst getting to her current position. She explained to me that whilst growing up she always had a desire to help people and expand their minds whilst reaching their goals. She went on to discuss that both her parents were teachers within adult learning and that this gave her the inspiration to do the same. Now becoming a lecturer, she said she feels she has fulfilled her dream and there’s nothing she would much rather be doing. This has always been her passion and she said if you know where you are going you will take the necessary steps to get there.

I also had the same discussion with my Digital Marketing lecturer, whose passion was somewhat different. Growing up she originally was interested in the medical profession i.e. doctors, nurses etc. This was because her family were all within that industry, so it was only right that she followed in their footsteps.

However, whilst undertaking multiple degrees she had a similar conversation with a lecturer of her own, which she said really had a life-changing effect on the career path she chose. So suddenly from wanting to be one of the best heart surgeons in London, she decided she wanted to be one of the best Digital Marketers instead. From making this decision she has done blogging, social media marketing, as well as creating different search engine result pages(SERP) for multiple companies. she went on to explain that it wasn’t until her early thirties that she made this decision. She was bought up in a household of doctors, pharmaceuticals and nurse practitioners, so she originally believed that this was her calling. Although she didn’t have a genuine passion for this line of work. She then went on to say, always follow your passion, what excites you, what you want to be good at, and what you feel like would motivate you.

Studying business

Throughout the time I have been studying in higher education I have had some ups as well as downs, being able to liaise with peers throughout this time has allowed me to continue my journey triumphantly. Through discussion, I have come to realise that most students in addition to myself all share common goals. Studying Business Management allows you to enter different platforms within Business, whether it is a managerial position that you’re seeking, self-employment or an executive role, it is all at reach from completion of this degree.

Whilst working as well as studying with peers I can see that we all share a common goal. The main one being to get the experience as well as skills necessary throughout the degree, followed by seeking a managerial position within the chosen sector forwarding to self-employment.

Careers guidance service

At GSM London they provide an outstanding careers guidance service which is called GSM careers zone. Through this, you receive weekly emails with careers advice, articles and videos as well as tools to keep you up to date and ahead of what they call “the crowd”. Throughout the service there is also help and support allowing your transferable skills to stand out on your CV, different ways to make great first impressions at networking events, job announcements, etc. This has been extremely useful in keeping me updated on current networking events, boosting my CV as well as allowing me to gain information relevant for my Career path. I would highly recommend any students not already making use of this service, to do so.

There have been many inspirational influences that I have had during my time of study, from the motivation that I receive from both lecturers as well as fellow students. This has allowed me to expand my outlook, gain the necessary skills as well as building effective relationships whilst attending networking events. I would not be in the position I am now without this inspiration.

Charmayne Frost

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