July 17, 2019

Powerpoint to Power Station: Students Visit SELCHP

Group of Students Outside a power station wearing high vis jackets

A third visit by Oil and Gas Students at GSM London to South East London Combined Heat & Power (SELCHP) has provided further clarifications on how energy can be obtained from biomass materials, such as waste, and how this energy can be converted into electricity and heat for domestic and commercial use. To illustrate, SELCHP provide enough electricity to power more than 48,000 homes and supplies 2,500 Southwark properties on a 5km pipe work system with heat and hot water.

GSM London Students Visit SELCHP Power Station

The visit, organised by Dr Najib Altawell from GSM London and Alison Du Triou from SELCHP on 12th April 2017, began with presentation by one of the SELCHP chemical engineers,  explaining in detail the process of  generating energy from waste.  The presenter began with a historical background on how the project was originally initiated by saying that the plant was commissioned in December 1993 and officially opened by HRH the Prince of Wales on 29th November 1994.  The presenter also explained the stages, process, costs, as well as future plans for SELCHP.

Fifteen Students from level 5 were invited accompanied by Dr Najib Altawell (Senior Lecturer) and Mr Hafiz Bello (Programme Leader) as well as Ms Francesca Marzullo from GSM London Marketing Department.

Larry Idialu, one of our Oil and Gas Management Students who attended this tour said:

“I am grateful to be part of those students who visited SELCHP.  I was able to see physically how man made waste can be used to generate energy in a short term and long term programme. It is interesting to note that this type of projects is capital intensive and require continuous maintenance.”

The Student, Kelvin Akhigbe who also took part in this visit said:

“The visit to SELCHP was an opportunity for me because have now understood how waste can be managed properly without causing air pollution to the environment.”

SELCHP Staff Discuss Waste Management with GSM London Students

And the student Olufunso Alebiosu response to this visit:

“The visit was fantastic, very good reception from SELCHP and a good Illustration on the renewable energy activities of the company, all questions answered satisfactory. The group members are all good team members. A positive experience.”

As in the previous two visits, this visit provided additional knowledge in the form of practical insight, i.e. studying theory and observing the actual practical side of it. From management applications in oil and gas, the visit was needed in order to illustrate learning input from one of the lectures presented in environmental management for sustainable development. Again, as in the previous visits, the Students studying for a degree in oil and gas management at GSM London complete their degrees with comprehensive understanding in managing certain aspects of energy. Finally, the following comments by the Student Livinus Chukwudebelu express the benefits obtained from this third visit:

Thanks a lot for organizing the SELCHP Tour on 12/04/17 which was a mind blowing event whereby I experienced the waste renewable energy company SELCHP with 435,000 tonnes equals to 1years refuse. Also, l saw the 35mw electric turbine power and generator producing electricity since 1994 more than 4.6m MWh exported.

SELCHP Power Station

On the plant cross – section it operates from tipping hall – refuse bunker – refuse feed chute – boiler grate – boiler combustion chamber & Gas passes combustion handling – Induced draft fan – End up – Gas scrubber – Bag filter – ABC Ash loading. I learned from the tour that the District heating environmental benefits include residual municipal waste has a biomass fraction of 45% & 65%  depending on location level and type of recycling. 

I personally recommend such visits to students studying Environmental management for sustainable development to benefits from the environmental waste disposal and how they are turned into renewable energy after recycling to generate heat and revenue. Thanks again for giving me such opportunity to visit the site.”

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