July 21, 2019

6 Last Minute Exam Tips For Students

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Exam preparation is understandably a topic which is quite close to our hearts here at GSM London, due to the impact that getting this right can have on your final degree qualification.

We pride ourselves on bringing UK students all the information they need about our various courses, how to enhance your CV and even how you can propel your career once you have gained your degree, but today we’re focussing on something a little bit different; last-minute exam tips.

Passing examinations sounds simple, doesn’t it? Turn up to all your lectures, work hard and start revising nice and early and you will be fine. But there are actually a range of considerations you should bear in mind and we have compiled six of the best last-minute exam tips for you personally, in the hope that they help to make a difference when exam season arrives.


1. Good Quality Sleep is your best Exam Tip 

In our experience, this is probably the number one exam tip that will put you in the best position. You can do the most effective revision in the world, but if you’re not sleeping properly then your cognitive function will be nowhere near where it needs to be at this critical time. It can be hard to relax during this period, but our advice is to start getting some early nights and get your body clock in a good place, so you can get up early on examination days and prepare properly.


2. Find Your Happy Place 

Another big challenge in the run-up to your exams is finding a suitable place to do your work. If you live in a shared house or even with your family, then noise can be an issue and this can not only have an adverse impact on your revision but also add to your stress levels significantly. Find a quiet and peaceful place such as a library or study room, as there will also be far more resources available here to aid you.


3. Create a Plan 

As exam tips go, this one may be a little predictable but it’s still very sound advice. Planning is crucial as the chances are, you will be looking to relearn years’ worth of material. Set out a schedule for each day and ensure you cover all your modules and the materials your tutors have recommended; this will ensure your revision is laser focussed and not complete chaos.


4. Remaining Calm Helps with Studying for Exams

There are plenty of tips out there about how to study for exams, but often the key can be more about attitude and state of mind rather than what you know. The chances are that you have all the knowledge you need, but exams can often be scuppered through panic or stress.

In addition to making sure you get lots of sleep and revising in quiet, try to keep as calm as possible. Take deep breaths, listen to your favourite album or even go for a run, whatever tends to chill you out. There are some great apps available to help with this, so don’t be scared of giving them a go!


5. Get Some Past Papers to help with Exam Preparation

A key to exam preparation can often be finding out what past candidates have been asked. Your lecturers will no doubt have given you past papers before, so try to dig these out as these are of course the best indication of the kinds of questions you can expect. You may even be able to find more online or from your tutors, so don’t be scared to ask.


6. Reading Your Notes Out Loud 

Finally, a great last-minute exam tactic is to have one final run through your notes out loud. You will have written them and read them countless of times but reading them out loud can really help you to digest the information. You can do this on the morning of your exam to ensure this is fresh and the material could even come up in some of your questions.


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