June 26, 2019

Raise Your Game

The Human Resource Management society launched its first event at the Greenwich location, welcoming students from both Greenwich and Greenford campuses.

Christy Traore speaking to an audience of 40+ students kicked off the event in style, she spoke of her own excitement of the developments happening at GSM London at present, and her vision of how the syllabus will continue to evolve to meet the needs of all GSM  London students.  This prompted a number of questions and a lively debate.

Further presentations followed from Andrew Frater the newly appointed GSM HR Director,   who spoke eloquently of his own career experience in HR working for brands including HSBC and The Swatch group. He encouraged the HR society members to believe in their own ability, and seek out a career in HR.

Encouragement also came from GSM London  HR professional Maria Sophocli.  Maria compared HR roles and employment legislation in her native Australia with that of the UK.  It provided a fascinating insight into the international job market and how skills shortages compare across the globe.

The keynote speech of the event came from Bernard O’Keefe who works as an independent HR consultant with over 40 years of HR experience.  He enlightened the audience with what it really means to be starting up your own business, and the implications of employing your own staff. It was invaluable information for those with entrepreneurial aspirations.  Excellent refreshments followed, combined with the opportunity to network with the speakers.

In summary a credit to all those concerned in the organisation and execution of the evening, and for me personally a great introduction to the work of the society…… and for those who missed it? Well my advice is to make sure you attend the next one.

John Liberty

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