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On November 11th GSM London level 5 students, accompanied by lecturer Maurice Lukadi, attended the Marketing in a Digital Age event created by Smbuzz in partnership with The Digital Mob. These students were selected as they are currently studying the new Digital Marketing module being taught at GSM London, and so were given the opportunity to …

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Throughout modern history, marketing has evolved considerably. Where once the likes of print media and radio advertising provided a solid platform for businesses to showcase their products, brand identity or key message, today, the digital age has helped to take things to a whole other level. Because of this, marketing budgets are higher now than ever before …

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Welcome to the Digital Revolution The Internet, social media and mobile communication have transformed how we interact. The impact of this change has and is still affecting many organisations – leaving them with no choice but to invest in restructuring the way they connect with their target market, capitalizing on the various digital opportunities in today’s society. A …

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Professional qualifications can increase employability and recognition in your industry. To ensure that our students have the competitive edge in the market, GSM London is introducing a range of courses open to all our students. The first to be launched is the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, which you can study alongside your degree. The course is accredited by the …

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