June 26, 2019

Accountancy: Socialising for Success

Robert Kasoma a student at GSM London

My name is Robert Kasoma, a GSM alumna since 2009. I am a qualified accountant with a MSc Accounting & Finance. I now work as Credit Controller for Mears Care Ltd.

My career started off in a completely different field. As we all know jobs can be hard to find, so when I was offered the Mears role I took the opportunity.  I used my time there to  focus myself and thrive in areas I was placed in. I started out as a carer and moved on to care management as Out of hours care coordinator. Opportunities came across quite often but I was determined to wait for the right one. I had to stretch myself to get where I am today. I attended company social events to make my presence known and hopefully to get the right connection.

I managed to meet a few very important people in the Finance Department and pitched myself hoping they would consider giving me a chance. I still had to remind them I was still available even after the social gatherings. After a few months when there came need, I was called upon to join the team and now I am taking strides in my career by embracing any challenges that come forth which eventually result into promotions.

My role involves debt ledger management and control, as well as being administrator for the credit control team. I help clients manage their outstanding accounts, giving them advice on ways to reduce their debt. Supporting care branch managers daily with client financial queries, and also reporting weekly to my manager with updates on ledgers and device action plans and targets to meet. It is a role that requires good communication with clients, colleagues and other professionals as well as producing result.

I also liaise with the billing team, accounts payable , payroll administers and management accountants on daily. I would preferably  love to see myself as a Management Accountant in the next five years or a Credit Manager.

Reflecting on my time at GSM, things were a bit different then where there was not as much support as there is now. In fact if we had a Careers Department that is involved in students life as it is now, maybe I would be in much a better place than I am now. But because I still had a delayed graduation until 2014, I was introduced to Andrew  Falconer and his team when I requested for support from the principal.

I have managed make time to attend most events like Your Career. Sorted! And one to one

John Liberty

with Andrew Falconer and John Liberty plus using the services from all the team. I would recommend that this service carries on especially for any paying student who would want to see value in their investment.

Learning Academic material is not enough if you do not have a guide to help you thrive in this tough and competitive edge. I have built my confidence through attending these meetings. These meetings are typically all about you as a student getting what you are worth and nothing to do with your course, or university. Think of it like social media where you meet like minded people but with a purpose to build each other. I have always enjoyed being part of these meetings even when I do not know anyone that we shared a class. My hope is that more students get involved as much as possible.

Robert Kasoma

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