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GSM London English Courses

GSM London offers high quality English courses for students who want to improve their language skills, take an IELTS test or prepare for studying in English. In this and the coming updates, the Director of Studies – English School, Learning and Skills Department – Joanna – will be giving you a taste of life of living and …

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Philip Pryce

This New Year marks new beginnings at GSM London. We are proud to welcome our 2016 arrivals this induction week. For some this may seem quite a daunting experience but rest assured we are here to support you through your time with us and to help you reach your full potential. The journey you are …

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GSM London
GSM London - London Skyline

A Guide to Studying  in London for international students by Joanna Mirek-Tooth, Director of Studies – GSM London School of English. Welcome to the GSM London School of English blog. In this and the coming updates I’ll be giving you the scoop on studying and living in London so you can see what the metropolitan city …

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