June 19, 2019

Economics explained – opening up a world of graduate careers

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Economics explained – opening up a world of graduate careers by Tesfaye Gojjie, GSM London Economics Lecturer

A degree in Economics can lead to many career areas. Some are obvious, some are not.

Economics graduates have more to offer employers than their expertise in economics. Statistics show that the majority of economics students enter employment within six months of graduating. The jobs the secure are many and varied including in the finance sector such as banking, tax advice, actuarial work and trading. Some of the less apparent roles include anything from journalism, human resources, IT and education, market and social research, retail, marketing, sales and management.

Here are a few of the organisations that have advertised roles for graduates to work in economics research, policy and consultancy:


…plus many other national and international organisations of various sectors such as manufacturing, communications, NHS and charitable organisations.

Going straight into a graduate career after graduating is not the only option. Some economics students choose to undertake postgraduate study, and some employers will even sponsor newly recruited graduates to obtain a postgraduate qualification on a part-time basis.

Jabminson Bruce-Mingle, GSM London Economics graduate shares his success story.

For further information on studying an Economics degree at GSM London visit gsm.org.uk/economics or call 020 8003 1154.

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