July 23, 2019

Broaden your careers outlook with The Horizon Award

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The Horizon Award
The Horizon Award

Tuesday November 10th in Greenwich and Wednesday November 11th in Greenford are important dates for your diary.  They signify the start of a new chapter for our college with the launch of the Horizon Award.   The Horizon Award is an employability award open to all GSM London students who wish to enhance their skills and experiences, and ultimately their careers prospects too.

The aim of the award is to address an issue that faces many new graduated individuals in today’s competitive job market; namely when you find yourself going for that job you always dreamt about , how do you stand out from others after that same job as you?

At GSM we believe that part of the answer lies with the Horizon Award. As someone who used to interview prospective graduate new hires for IBM, I was very much aware that in the short period I had allocated to interview a candidate, it was extremely hard to get to see the real person behind the “smart suit” that sat before me.  As an employer I was therefore extremely grateful of any help the candidate gave me in doing this quickly and efficiently.  Indeed from my perspective it made my job easier and also provided evidence that the candidate understood what I valued and was looking for.

The Horizon Award is a tool that helps you do this, as a successful Horizon award student will be able to demonstrate a portfolio of skills and experiences that go a long way to convincing an employer that there is a lot more to you can just an academic qualification.

So if you want to learn more about Horizon and how it might benefit you, why not come along to one of our local campus induction event and get your personal copy of the Horizon award brochure.

To get your personal invitation contact our Horizon Award email address

Email: horizon.award@gsm.org.uk

The “rolling” 45 minute induction events are scheduled as follows:

Greenwich on November 10th (12.00-3.00pm) Location – Apollo

Greenford on November 11th (12.00-3.00pm) Location – 2.3

Come to the event and start your own journey for the Horizon Award


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