June 19, 2019

HR in the Boardroom brings pioneering development for HR Directors

A pioneering initiative for HR directors is set to be launched in the coming days, one which could give them more of an impact in the boardroom.

Aptly named HR in the Boardroom, it combines one-to-one coaching with practical sessions, peer learning and networking and is the creation of Steve Tappin – personal confidant to FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 CEOs, and Wayne Clarke, one of the founders of Best Companies. They have teamed up with HR Magazine to ensure the development gains maximum exposure to all those working within human resource management.

Featuring topics such as connecting with the CEO, becoming a confidant to the board and becoming an influential HR leader, it has been developed after research by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that chief executives and chief financial officers want HR to be involved at the highest levels of planning. While it is currently only scheduled to run for a year, it could well be extended if found to be a success.

Image Credit: Lars Plougman (Flickr.com)

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