July 17, 2019

Workplace Ready – Opportunities at GSM London

Subject Heroes

GSM London works hard to ensure that students are well prepared for the working environment, by bringing as much practical simulations and experiences in to the classroom and student life as a whole throughout higher education. Such as, course assessments which have been designed to reproduce real business and work based scenarios. An example of which is the option to do a consultancy project with external companies during the final semester of level 6 undergraduate studies, which puts students in contact with established organisations and potentially open up work opportunities.

As well as in class activities, assessments and projects, GSM London has also created roles within the university that has opened up work opportunities for hard working students to acquire the skills needed to successfully find a graduate job. In some instances, students have enjoyed their experience at GSM London so much so that they have applied and succeeded in taking on various full-time positions in the institution. They stand an example to current students going through their undergraduate study, that GSM London supports their student body as much as possible, even as alumni. In some instances, graduates have returned as guest lecturers to impart their knowledge and experiences on those following in the same footsteps.

What work opportunities does GSM London offer?

Student Ambassador

As a student ambassador, you will be engaged in a wide range of paid work for GSM London. Work opportunities can differ depending on the department that students are working with. To date, our ambassadors have worked at external events promoting GSM London and its courses to prospective students, helped to make students experience with the student hub as simple and problem free as possible and much more. This is a great opportunity to get paid as well as developing soft and hard skills; such as, communication, organisation and understanding of professional systems that will prove beneficial in the professional world.

Student Rep

As a student representative, you will become the voice of your peers, attending meetings with members of staff to express the concerns of fellow students. You might also be called upon to assist in tasks similar to that of student ambassadors. To be a part of this role you must be able to socialise well and be prepared to put your public speaking and negotiation skills to work.

Subject Heroes

Having officially launched this January 2018, the subject Hero role is perfect if you consider yourself a creative. It gives you the opportunity to not only suggest but compose content to be distributed on GSM London’s marketing platforms. Subject heroes come in the form of, photographers, videographers, bloggers, vloggers and many other talents. They provide an insight into the reality of GSM London’s diverse student body.

All of the mentioned roles provide several opportunities for students to gain points across different categories which contribute towards attaining a GSM London Horizon Award. GSM London takes pride in the student body, and promote their achievements where possible. Students in the roles mentioned above have been featured in newspapers, social media promotions, outdoor adverts such as images on billboards and public transportation and more.

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  1. Good day. I would like to a student Ambassador as well as subject hero in the photography section. I think these can enhance a student’s productivity. Thanks.

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