April 22, 2019

Essential websites for students

As common as it is to see a university student eating noodles from a pot for dinner, seeing a student spend potential study time browsing the great wide web for new, “useful” and funny websites is a daily sight. For just that reason we have done the hard, procrastinating work for you and put together the list of the best websites for students.

essential websites

Covering all bases, here we have the cream of the crop that are more than worthy of taking up a bit of your financial accounting course revision time – some even save you money and might just find you your graduate job.


Let’s start with the good stuff. You can’t be expected to work all the time, so here are the best websites for a bit of down time, in-between essay paragraphs of course.

Already coming to you with a huge following, you may have already heard of Cheezburger or at least unconsciously shared one of their hilarious articles or memes. Putting all your funny in one place – even their tagline is worthy of a click. So if you’re stuck on that BSc economics degree paper, why not check them out? Expect to find cute cat gifs and 86-year old gymnasts to give you a quick fix of entertainment when you need a 1-minute break.


Everyone knows music helps you study and if you’re looking for fresh playlists covering all the latest hits or compilations to match your mood, then look no further than blinkbox Music. Consisting of millions of songs and thousands of pre-made stations, you’ll never have to wait for YouTube to buffer again.

Free stuff

As much as we love to be entertained, we love a good deal too, and as students you get the very best. So whether you are a full-time or part-time, undergraduate or postgraduate student, be sure to make the most of the student discount and offers available on the following websites while you still can!

If you’re looking for great savings alongside some cracking articles written by students for students, then you’ve come to the right place in The National Student. They have whole sections for competitions and offers aimed at students, covering everything from holidays to student kitchen essentials.

It’s also a good one for those who want to get some work experience under their belt without having to leave their room as they’re always looking for new journalist talent from students across the country, who can hone their writing skills by contributing articles. Here’s what they had to say about why you should take a look at their website.


The National Student has been offering an independent platform to student journalists for over 10 years, giving those looking to break into the media opportunities that have ranged from interviewing stars such as Liam Neeson, to reviewing summer festivals, to travelling across Europe by coach and reporting from the cities they pitch up in. The site covers entertainment, news, travel, lifestyle, food and various other subjects that are important to students!

We’ve just launched a new website, which with its dedicated Student Media Partners platform will give even more student journalists the chance to get involved with what we do. We’ve also got a brand new offers platform, giving students the chance to save money on brands including Miss Selfridge, Sky, Ryman and John Lewis.

If you want to get involved with The National Student don’t feel shy about getting in touch!’

– The National Student

The future

While it’s tempting to while away your university days on the internet, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget that you do actually have to graduate at some point. Here are the best websites for getting yourself where you want to be come graduation day.

Graduate-jobs.com is quickly becoming the go-to website for students browsing graduate jobs and schemes. They regularly update their database and have a whole host of information and various pages on graduate employment and the employers themselves. As a specialist graduate job board they are not a recruitment agency, so they only post genuine graduate jobs that benefit both the employers and the graduates.


Similarly, Prospects is widely recognised as one of the best websites for graduate employment. As the UK’s official graduate careers website they have all the careers advice you could need if you’re starting to fret about your decisions for the future. They also have separate sections for postgraduate study and work experience, so you can find what you need fast without trawling though unnecessary information. You can also get a free Prospects account; just register with My Prospects for ‘a completely personalised environment, delivering careers advice, jobs and training opportunities specifically tailored to your preferences.’

  • Find personalised opportunities waiting for you when you login
  • Upload your CV, apply for vacancies and keep track of your applications
  • Save your favourite jobs, internships and courses to apply later

What’s your favourite student website at the moment? Share it with us on the GSM London Facebook page.


Image Credit: Lucélia Ribeiro (flickr.com) Cheezburger, The National Student, Graduate-jobs.com


This content was written by Rachel Smith. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.

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