April 22, 2019

Student Profile: Siststarmama Montgomery – Enterprise and Small Business Development

Enterprise and Small Business Development Star


Level 3 Enterprise and Small Business Development student, Sistarmama Montgomery has already made a big impact in her foundation year. Sistarmama considers herself to be a “creative fashion designer” who provided a collection of her fantastic outfits and head wrap designs for two GSM London fashion shows held at both our Greenwich and Greenford campus.

Displaying ‘enterprising’ qualities indicative of her Programme of study, her event was brave and exciting, demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset and a keen eye for detail. Only in her foundation year, she has managed to network with various departments within GSM London to access specialist support to put on her events. She encourages her fellow students by stressing the importance of taking “full advantage of all facilities at both campuses and drawing upon the insight from tutors who have experience of industry or have had their own business.”

One of her many mantras includes “networking is the key”. Sistarmama hopes to run another event in the spring term harnessing the support of our student union, academics and the marketing team.

Horizon Award

Sistarmama has also joined the Horizon Awards programme which is an employability award, open to all GSM London students who would like to enhance their skills and experiences, as well as adding a boost to their careers prospects. GSM London’s Horizon Award helps students gain crucial employability skills which are needed in a labour market which is becoming increasingly competitive. By building capital literacy and external contacts, the Horizon Awards could add an edge to a students’ academic and employability profile, giving them an advantage against their contemporaries.

Reflecting on her learning experience at GSM London, Sistarmama remarks that “there are many aspects to my learning at GSM London that have helped me. Being able to apply what I am learning in a hands-on and practical way will stand me in good stead for my future plans in events organisation in the creative field.”

Sistarmama is a credit to GSM London and we encourage all our students to harness their entrepreneurial skills and play an active role in student events. She has impressed many people including Dr Yaz Osho – Programme Leader for Enterprise and Small Business Development proud.

If you would like to collaborate with Sistarmama Montgomery in any way please contact her via her social media accounts Facebook and Instagram: Sistarmama montgomery

Top Tips

Key advice for students wishing to develop an entrepreneurial and enterprising mindset:

  1. Gain experience outside of the classroom! Join the Horizon Awards and gain personal skills development; cultural and social awareness; employability and enterprise skills and social capital.
  2. Take full advantage of the workshops that are run by the Formation Zone. GSM London’s Formation Zone runs regular workshops delivered by experts in their fields on starting up and funding an enterprise.
  3. Network and broaden your horizons: there are many external events taking place in London which are related to your industry. Look online, ask your tutors…. Get out there and meet likeminded people – who knows, you might meet someone who can really help boost your career aspirations!
  4. Think outside of the box! It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs are leaders, creative thinkers, innovators and risk-takers. The jury is out as to whether these qualities are innate or if they can indeed be developed – what do you think?
  5. Work hard, attend classes, engage in class activities and complete all assignments. Take a keen interest in your studies; after all, they are the gateway to your future!


Credit for this post goes to Dr Yaz Osho – Programme Leader for Enterprise and Small Business Development

Dr Yaz Osho, programme leader enterprise and small business development
Dr Yaz Osho

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