July 21, 2019

Are poor students less bright?

A study has found that students from poorer backgrounds are more likely to drop out of university and less likely to attain what is considered a good degree than their classmates from richer backgrounds. The study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) suggests that rather than poorer students being less intelligent, the results come more as a consequence of a lack of support.

Are poor students less bright

The study took into account findings of English-domiciled students attending UK universities on a BSc business management degree or similar course and found that students from different socio-economic backgrounds “arrive at university with very different levels of human capital”, as stated in this article.

It was found that students from 20 per cent of the most disadvantaged backgrounds were 3.4 per cent more likely to drop out of university and 5.3 per cent less likely to complete their degree. The study also found that students from such a background were 3.7 per cent less likely than their more financially fortunate peers to graduate with a first or 2.1 degree classification.


Image Credit: Dan Moyle (flickr.com)


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