May 25, 2019

6 student bloggers you need in your life

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Blogs are something that have become a major part of student life, and not just as a way to document Fresher antics. As a digital generation, today’s students are expressing their creative thoughts in the most open outlet there is, which is lucky for the rest of us who now have access to an incredible range of fashion blogs and food blogs from likeminded individuals offering tips and information that you wouldn’t otherwise find via the plain old web.


So if you need to procrastinate for a bit from accountancy course revision or are looking for tips on how to start a blog of your own, why not have a browse through this compilation of the best student bloggers that you need to introduce to your bookmarks bar? They have even provided us with a few hints and tips they’ve picked up along the way.



The HealthyLilyBee blog documents the life of psychology student Lily Canetty-Clarke. Her blog has tonnes of great recipes (see the cover image of this post and image below for an idea of how delicious her recipes actually look) for you to try that are easy on the wallet and waistline!

‘My personal diet is dairy free veggie with a nut allergy so I have had to live with a wide variety of dietary limitations- therefore making my cooking so much more creative that it ever was before- experimenting with things ranging from spaghetti made of courgette, my wonder 1 ingredient banana ice cream, and perfecting my favourite puddings and treats in a zero refined sugar and dairy way!! My diet mostly follows a vegan route although I am not actually a vegan.

My blog was set up when I just wanted a forum where to keep all my favourite photos of my creations and I did a bit of writing alongside in case anyone wanted to replicate my recipes.

Now with a rapidly growing following it is becoming more and more part of my daily routine to update my fellow bloggers with new discoveries of places to eat, wonder ingredients or recipes I’ve found or created.

My blog is not just about me, in the sense that it’s not dedicated to all my recipes, but more a balance between that and spreading the word about other food blogs, cookery books, cafes, and other things that inspire me. As a student, money is a problem and I constantly get questioned about how I can afford to live the live I live in terms of my food. However this is a HUGE misconception. Healthy eating is not expensive. It is all about organisation and information. If you are organised and can make bulk then that rapidly reduces cost. Furthermore to be informed as to the best way to buy foods is also essential. For example the dirty dozen is a list of the 12 most important fruit and veg to buy organic while the rest are ok to buy nonorganic (if budget is a problem) and this informative list helps prioritise which foods to spend money on and what not.

Furthermore everyone knows that meat is expensive and so is dairy, my diet revolves mainly around vegetables (50% of my plate) from my local veg shop, which is so cheap and then 25% protein in the form of plant based proteins, a lot of beans and pulses, not expensive and 25% carbohydrates, again not expensive. The ‘superfoods’ are expensive but that’s about it. However you only ever use a tiny bit every time so they last a long time and are so worth the investment.

When saving money on meat fish and dairy, I spend it on the superfoods instead. At the end of the day we have to get our priorities straight here. When deciding how to spend money on food, the population expenditure has radically changed over the years. Previously we spent more than double the percentage of our income on food compared to now. When food is the fuel of life it makes far more sense to be spending money here than anywhere else when is has such dramatic knock on effects to the success of our lives.’


–          Lily Canetty-Clarke



Another one of the best student blogger that you should start following is actuarial undergraduate Chloe-Ellen. Focusing on student life, food and budget buys, Ninegrandstudent is one of the best student blogs there to which today’s students can relate.

Here she offers her top tip for students wishing to establish their own blog.

‘Top tips for starting a blog – be true to yourself. Write what you want to write, not what you think people want to read. My blog is about things I love, and I write for the love of writing.’

–          Chloe Borderick


The Scrimpy Student

scrimpy student
Laura Sutton

As the title may suggest, the Scrimpy Student blog from geography student Laura surrounds the premise of student saving. From recipes to reading week, there isn’t much this blog doesn’t cover and here she gives her top tips for students tempting by the blogging bug.

‘I’m a third year geography student at Bangor my blog is student lifestyle with a money saving twist.

My top tips for wannabe student bloggers:

  • Blog about what you love
  • Don’t get caught up in a popularity contest
  • Make use of Twitter and get involved in Twitter chats’

–          Laura Sutton

Nutmegs, seven

Elly McCausland

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Elly McCausland’s blog Nutmegs, seven is utterly delectable. From a recipe index full of all kinds of recipes ranging from those perfect for breakfast through to late night revision snacks, to eatery recommendations in Oxford and Cambridge based on her experience in both cities, it is a fountain of useful and delicious information.

‘I started it [the blog] in my final year of my undergraduate degree as a sort of therapy for when I need a break from academia (a function it still fulfils now I’m doing a PhD – probably even more so!)’

I think students are unfairly patronised in the media through assumptions that they are lazy and can’t, or can’t be bothered to, cook. This is something I find aggravating, because cooking and eating well is not beyond the limits of any student, and learning to do so is something that can make your university experience so much more rewarding.

Tips for starting a blog: read a lot of other blogs to get an idea of where yours will fit in, or how it’s different. Network with other bloggers – you meet some fun people and it will help get your blog out there. Finally, write about what you enjoy, and write to get enjoyment out of it. Think hard about why you’re starting a blog and for what purpose, and don’t lose sight of that.’


–          Elly McCausland

Handbags and Cupcakes

Handbags and Cupcakes
Rachel Hosie

This busy blog from Rachel Hosie covers everything from recipes and health to travel, style and beauty and student life and careers. For those wondering, don’t worry, there are plenty of handbags and cupcakes too!

‘Handbags and Cupcakes is a lifestyle blog with a heavy emphasis on food, student life, travel and style. Ever since my early teens I knew I wanted to go into the media, and starting a blog seemed like a good way to practice my writing, regardless of whether anyone actually read it or not. Over the past four and a half years it’s just gone from strength to strength and I’m having a ball!

I don’t think of myself as a blogging expert by any means, but my top tips for starting a blog (without going into too much detail!) are:

1. Don’t try and copy other blogs.

2. Let your content speak for itself.

3. Post regularly, even if that’s just once a week.

4. Experiment with photography. Good pictures can instantly give a blog a more professional feel.

5. Get active on social media.

6. Get interactive in the blogosphere. Read other blogs, follow other bloggers and comment on posts you like.’


–          Rachel Hosie


puravida student
Evelyn Robinson

The final entry on our best blogs list comes from International English and History Evelyn Robinson. Having spent a year studying abroad in South Carolina her blog even offers a way of finding out what it’s like to go to an American College without actually having to cross the Atlantic yourself.

‘In September 2012 I started my own blog, as an outlet to showcase opinion pieces and creative writing during my time at university.

My blog focuses upon varied aspects of student life, from academia, to work experience, to communal living and student affairs. I have since diversified from writing columns about student life in Leeds to including listicles, how-to features and travel writing from my time as a student in South Carolina. I have recently been collaborating with numerous PR companies by reviewing products and services on my blog that are relevant to student life.

Since starting out, puravidastudent has amassed over 1,600 followers and was listed by software company Cision as the number one student lifestyle blog in the UK. It has won various awards, most recently the University of Leeds Study Abroad Competition 2013-14 and being voted as the Best Student Columnist in South Carolina for 2013.

A couple of tips for anyone starting a blog would be:

-If you wouldn’t want your Grandma to read it, don’t post it on your blog.

-The best blogs represent a view bigger than your own- unless your life is incredibly fascinating, be careful not to turn your blog into an online diary entry.’


–          Evelyn Robinson

These are just a few of the great blogs out there from which you can gain inspiration for either your own blog that you may wish to start alongside events management degree study to give your CV a boost, or just simply life in general. If you have any others in mind that you think we may have missed or want to give a shout out to your own, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Image Credit: HealthyLilyBee, Ninegrandstudent, The Scrimpy Student, Nutmegs, seven, Handbags and Cupcakes, puravidastudent

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  1. This is very interesting. I also did not get into blogging until after leaving university. I still don’t blog as much as i “want” to. But I do read a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Chances are that moving to university will be your first experience of living independently. One vital skill you need to learn before day one of university is how to budget. You do not have unlimited money and if you do not keep track of your cash, you will lose it all very quickly.

  3. I am blogger but in 1992, when I was in the college these things were not available. I can imagine how today’s students are enjoying this cyber world.

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