June 16, 2019

I don’t know what I want to do with my life!

Student thinking

Earlier this year, during  Wimbledon season,  we had the privilege of witnessing sports professionals at the height of their careers. Many years of determination , dedication and huge amounts of effort and stress have gone into developing these players so they can perform at the highest level.  And of course many sports professionals have to think about life beyond their sport. Diving champion Tom Daley seems set for a career in television, David Beckham seems to be mulling owning rather than playing for a club.

The difficulty with having sports men and women as role models is that few of us live up to that sheer level of determination. It is even more difficult when you don’t know what you should be determined about.

“Just make sure your students know they will not just have one career”. That was the advice of an alumnus I spoke to a couple of years ago.  Indeed there are some suggestions that for a lot of people, choosing one career to follow may not be the most satisfying.

So, how do you decide what you want to do?

Given that most graduate employers accept applications from any academic discipline, there are several things you need to think about before applying:

What will I be doing? This really sounds very basic but many students apply for jobs not really understanding what it entails. Will you be client facing? Will you be analysing lots of data?

Where will I be doing it? The culture of the sector and organisation can be important: You may love accountancy but consider financial services dull.

What are your values? Is a social life more important to you than money? Do you want to feel as if you are contributing something to society? Do you want a regular 9 – 5?

These are some of the questions our careers team may ask you during a one-to-one appointment. One of the great things about attending a university is that you can take advantage of lots of support otherwise not available. The Careers team are available to provide private consultations at both Greenwich and Greenford campuses. Appointments take place from 2pm – 4pm and can be booked in person at the Careers Centre, LRC, Greenwich or at Student Services’ Reception at Greenford.

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