June 26, 2019

Applicant Open Day at Greenford

Student standing outside GSM London Campus

Higher education open days can often feel impersonal and crowded. It’s hard to catch sight of a lecturer, yet alone have a conversation with one. At GSM London we keep our open days personal, as we understand how important it is for students to discuss their options in depth before deciding which course to take.

Our most recent open day took place at our Greenford campus.

The afternoon started off with a welcome talk and sessions from the academic lecturers. This was followed by an opportunity to meet the teams, including: events, student support, finance and importantly subject lecturers.

Although the event was well attended, all the potential students had the chance to discuss their course choices, one-to-one with our staff members. This meant that students came away with a clearer idea about what studying would be like and of the environment that they would be studying in. The intimate, informal atmosphere also allowed the potential students to speak to each other, discuss their experiences of applying to GSM London and entering higher education.

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