July 21, 2019

A degree in travel and tourism can really take you places

We recently had the chance to catch up with GSM London alumni Christel Manza, who graduated with a degree in Travel and Tourism in 2016. She has since gone on to achieve a successful career in the travel and tourism industry.

Life After Graduation

After graduating from GSM London and returning home, she joined Ryanair working at the check-in desk and worked her way up into Ryanair Headquarters as a Legal Administrator. Excited to talk about her new role and how her time at GSM London helped her, Christel told us about life before her degree.

Previously working for a marketing company in Dublin, Ireland she decided to join GSM London after hearing compliments from a friend that was studying here at the time. She was keen to gain more confidence and practical knowledge of the industry. Travel and tourism play a significant role in the global economy, working in the industry is now a demanding role than ever.

Choosing to study Travel and Tourism at GSM London she couldn’t help but praise her degree for helping her get into her role now. The course focuses on growing areas of the sector and giving students knowledge on infrastructure, travel economy, and business management. Christel explained how she was able to apply her new skill set from her degree to her role at one of Europe’s top airlines. Reflecting on her motivation and how GSM London helped her into her current career, she said:

It was my degree that got me my job. I’ve always loved travel and tourism but the business side of it and always wanted to know more and later work in the transportation business.

Now she works for Ryanair, the only airline in Europe to have carried over one billion customers in 2017. As the airline continues to grow and make new plans to expand bases across Europe, Christel’s role will be more prominent in the company.

Legal Administrator

As a Legal Administrator for Ryanair, she is responsible for taking care of all customer needs, complaints, claims, reporting and devising solutions. It’s a key role within Ryanair Headquarters ensuring all customers comply with regulations, and all files are managed and organised accordingly.

Studying at GSM London

She was thrilled to talk about her time at GSM London, and how our lecturers made her experience with higher education one to remember. Overcoming some obstacles during her time of studying, she thanked GSM London for helping her to stay on top of the workload and making sure she was prepared and passed all her exams.

I found the lecturers to be most helpful, they were very compassionate with my situation and helped me enough to make sure they saw me graduate.

GSM London offer Personal Tutoring for all students to help them discuss any challenges they face during academic study and help put together a plan. This is a major support for students like Christel, to help them manage their commitments outside of higher education and overcome challenges to gain the best results possible.

She emphasised once again how her degree at GSM London helped her in so many ways, and how easy she found it to settle in with everyone. Starting university as a mature student can be a scary experience, but Christel found it natural to make new friends.

People over there are so friendly I didn’t feel new at all.

Future Students

Christel was eager to share her experience and advice for future students that will be joining GSM London to take a degree.

Make sure you choose the subject you like, give it 100% and don’t be afraid to voice out when your struggling because trust me there’s always someone to help.

For current and future students, Christel highlighted how important it is for students to ask questions and build relationships with lecturers, as they are here to help and guide where they can. The future is bright for Christel as she continues to achieve her career goals, and we hope to hear more of her story in the future.

We would like to hear from you if you’re thinking of going to university. You can call us on 020 3797 468 or find out more here.

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