April 22, 2019

Being a mature student at GSM London

What makes GSM London different?

What is black, white and red all over? Your assignments as a student at GSM London

Now, joke aside. You may think you do not fit the standard ‘student’ mould and the opportunity for you to become one has since long passed. However, I am here to lovingly tell you that is incorrect and how studying at GSM London can prove that.

Firstly, GSM London’s intake criteria are different from traditional institutions in that it is not completely dependent on educational attainment for admission. Prospective students can qualify for a mode of study by using their work references for example. GSM London places value on an individual’s ambition to learn, this ethos is at the core of their admissions process. So, if you have ever questioned your admissibility to higher education based on your previous studies and grades here is the answer to your question.

The students at GSM London

Myself and others are mature students at GSM London, which makes for a productive learning environment, most of the people you will share classes with are there to increase their employability chances or are studying for a sense of personal fulfilment. Either way, it is an atmosphere of learning and achieving personal goals. GSM London has an array of people from all walks of life and at different stages in their careers, education and their personal life, I personally have met people from political backgrounds, musicians and artists alike.


Supporting students

At GSM London they really go a long way to support their student’s education, using methods like Strengths Based Learning and including modules such as Academic Skills and Employability Skills as part of the curriculum. These modules help students who may have no experience with academic writing and aren’t aware of ways to increase their employability such as successful group work. While it seems like knowing the difference between Harvard and Oscola referencing will only prove useful during your educational career, skills like academic writing will be beneficial in almost every aspect of any career. GSM London prepares their students for the modern workplace. I was pleasantly surprised in my first semester to have a lecture solely based on writing effective and concise professional emails, this is the kind of preparation one can expect at GSM London.

Supportive Learning is when staff and faculty band together to make sure you do the best you can and provide you with all the necessary information and tools to achieve. It is easy to assume that supportive learning is the foundation of all educational institutions, but I can attest to the fact that this is sometimes not the case in higher education. This is where GSM London is different. The aim here is to help everybody achieve their goals so whether you are a college leaver ready to take the next step to further your education, a parent or carer looking to change their direction, or you are currently on a career path that could do with an upgrade, GSM London is well equipped to support you through the journey into studying.

My time at GSM London

My time at GSM London so far has reminded me of the importance of trying instead of wondering if you could have, would have and should have. I enquired twice but I never picked up the phone to see my application through, until I did and here I am. Studying here is a challenge I have enjoyed, and I have already been given opportunities that I would not have received had I not tried, i.e. writing this post. To summarise don’t let your perception of your circumstance deter you from pursuing higher education, if that is really a goal you have for yourself after all as the adage goes ‘where there is a will, there is a way’.


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