June 16, 2019

Student case study: Cheryl Hall

GSM London Student case study - Cheryl Richards

Cheryl Hall is a BSc Oil and Gas Management student at GSM London, and when she graduates, she plans to use her degree to secure a dream job in an environment-related managerial role. A mature student with a son at university age, Cheryl was recommended to look into her course by a friend, and she now tells us why she’s glad to be studying at GSM London.

“The two main reasons I decided to pursue a degree at GSM London were to enhance my career prospects and improve my employability. Having a degree in Oil and Gas Management from GSM London will enable me to find a good job and become a strong player in a very competitive employment market.

“A friend of mine who was on the course recommended it to me, and after some further research, both my son and I decided to apply. It’s a great experience to be able to study alongside my son, and we are both enjoying the course. We’ve found it extremely broad and interesting, learning many different aspects of management in the oil and gas industry. I have particularly enjoyed the environmental management modules, and I’d like to shape my career in this field after graduating.

“What I like most about studying at GSM London is that I get to work with students from all walks of life, with many different backgrounds. We have the chance to mix with lots of people from a broad cross-section of the population. I also like how much it is geared up to adult learning: people of all ages study here, and I feel very welcomed as a mature student.

“The atmosphere at GSM London is fantastic – very welcoming and conducive to learning. I’m proud to be studying such a unique course with my family and my friends.”

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