July 23, 2019

Reasons Behind Studying – A Mature Student’s Perspective

A number of factors contributed to making a decision to complete undergraduate study as a mature student. At the forefront of the decision was to make a change to my life and to remove barriers to my future success, hence to open new doors ideally in management.

During my working career, I have been able to adapt and prove my worth as an employee before graduating, however their seemed to be a ceiling point that I could not surpass without the necessary qualifications or accreditation. Quite often I felt that I was not taken seriously by my line manager or employer.

These factors acted as a driving force to apply, enrol and get started on the BSc Business Management programme at GSM London, in order to increase my chances of success.

After completing BSc Business Management the confidence I feel in my approach to the Business World has dramatically increased. The journey of completing an undergraduate course can seem daunting at times, although I found with the right attitude and utilising the support of tutors and fellow students made a real difference.

My experience during the course was that the pace was just right, and if I had to explore certain areas and topics in more detail the relevant material could be easily accessed through the available online and library resources.

Now that the course has ended and ceremony formalities are complete, I feel optimistic and excited about the future. It has been important for me to reach this particular milestone, although it is the first step of many to come. I wish to realise and fulfil my potential by combining skills learnt from the rigorous course of study and merge these with approximately 15 years of work experience. I am very confident about the future, now more than ever before.






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