July 23, 2019

An essential read for overseas students

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A book, titled ‘Studying Abroad: Challenges and Opportunities, published by Dr Naushaba Singh, the Academic Lead on our Post Graduate Programme, has been described as “an essential read” by our Provost, Debi Hayes.

Tell us what it’s about!

The book describes Dr Singh’s qualitative research into the experience of MBA students from Bangladesh studying in London, but has wider applications. It is divided into three time periods – pre-arrival, study period and post completion. It serves as a guideline for international students, preparing them for the different stages of the study sojourn by identifying the possible difficulties that may arrive and providing coping strategies for each.

Academic thoughts

“I recommend this book as an essential read for anyone travelling for overseas study and for those institutions recruiting international students.”

Debi Hayes, GSM London Provost

“The book can be a valuable guide to potential MBA students who aspire to come to the UK or anywhere else in the world, in learning successful strategies to complete their studies.”

Firdous Azim, Professor at BRAC Univeristy in Dhaka


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