June 26, 2019

Finding Meaningful Employment

Two people talking at a Careers day

Struggling to find a job as a student or recent graduate? You’re not alone. At GSM London our Careers team offers services designed to help students and graduates such as yourself to transition from life as an academic student towards meaningful employment. The Careers department are very dedicated to their job, which means they are always looking for the best way to find and help our students. In some cases a representative visits lectures and tutorials to make sure that all students are aware of the services on offer and have equal opportunity to utilise them.

How can they help?

The focus of our careers team, comprising of experienced professionals, is to help connect students to work opportunities and make the most of their qualifications. The Careers team offer support in various forms, some of which include:

  • Reviewing your CV and helping you to tailor it to attract the right employers
  • Utilising social media, such as LinkedIn to optimise job searches
  • Psychometric testing – a method used to highlight and measure your mental capabilities and attitude. This is so that we can help you to find a job role that is a suitable fit to your individual personality and capabilities
  • Careers themed weeks
  • Networking events
  • Employer events
  • Video, telephone and in-person interview practice
  • The Horizon Award

The support offered doesn’t end after you graduate. GSM London is one of the only universities in the UK that continues to provide careers support to former students. How great is that? So all alumni can benefit from our excellent careers services for life.  We’re excited to continue to be part of your journey, even after you have moved on the next stage of academic and professional development.

You can find out more about our Careers team and services on our YouTube channel, simply click here and we’ll see you there!

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