July 23, 2019

An educational trip to logistics business Arcese Group

In late 2016, the preparations had begun for the second visit to Arcese Group Brands, the highly anticipated educational trip to Italy. Ten students taking the Logistics and Operations module at GSM London were selected for the trip and were joined by Teaching Fellow Fiona Oghorie and Lecturer Jonathan Lawal. The three-day visit which took place in February 2017 proved to be a success due to the enthusiastic input from the students and accompanied academics, as well as the continuing support from the Energy and Procurement Department.IMG_6225


The purpose of the educational trip was to provide students with practical and theoretical experience of logistics and operations at Arcese Group Brands in Italy. The trip provided an opportunity to learn the Italian culture and give students a well-rounded footing upon which to build their knowledge for future careers in the industry.

This blog highlights some of the aspects of the trip and in particular, focuses on the educational experiences gained from the visit to Arcese. The students were able to learn more about logistics and supply chain management, in real time. Discussions were held around changing trends and world events that may have impacted the industry as a whole.

This fantastic opportunity would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of students. Many thanks to Arcese Group Brands, GSM London, and tour guides that were responsible for making this trip the success that it was. Thanks also to Level 5 student Larry Idialu who lived in Italy for over 20 years for providing us with additional support. The support was invaluable and helped make the trip what it was.

Building knowledge

After a long journey to Bologna and an evening to unwind the following morning, we were on our way to Arcese Group Brands in Castel San Pietro Terme, Italy. As one of the world’s successful advanced logistics operators, providing highly integrated services covering the entire supply chain, Arcese is a winner of the Logistic Service Quality Award by Ford Motors. Arcese is a world leader and in almost 50 years, they have evolved quickly from a mere transport company to an integrated multi-modal operator. The opportunity to visit their office is Italy was delightful, and it was easy to for students to see why they are successful to date.

Our visit for the five and half hours was co-coordinated by a Customer Service Manager for one of their biggest clients and a dedicated member of the Arcese family. She was extremely eager and enthusiastic to share her in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of logistics and operations within her department. It was both fascinating and utterly mystifying at the same time. The tour consisted of a 30-minute lecture describing the day-to-day operations involved in meeting the needs of their clients. Students were exposed to various stations within the facility, including a detailed explanation of what goes on at various stations around the Arcese Group warehouse. Afterwards, students were given the opportunity to ask questions relating to the tour whilst being able to put theory into prospective.

This particular visit to Arcese was the first time students were fortunate to deliver a short presentation on how the opportunity to visit Arcese has increased their curiosity of logistics and operations, how it has put theory into practice and how keen they are in continuing to be exposed to organisations like Arcese and returning to Arcese for future visits. The hosts are responsible in key areas of the business. They were generous in taking time out of their busy schedules, to provide a quick presentation about the various Arcese networks, the work that they do, and the custom services they provide so that they can meet clients standards and requirements whilst maintaining their own integrity.

By Fiona Oghorie

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