June 26, 2019

MBA degrees face changing demographic

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It’s all change for the face of MBA degrees in the country if the latest figures are to be believed. Business students appear to be starting to favour specialised business masters programmes and while the MBA is still the postgraduate degree of choice for many looking to gain higher access into the business management sector, these specialised subjects are gaining in popularity, particularly amongst women, according to a Graduate Management Admission Council report. 

The report in question surveyed 12,000 prospective students from around the world and found that 53 per cent said they would consider studying for an MBA degree, and while this is a figure down two per cent from five years ago, it is still showing the importance and value held over such postgraduate qualifications.

Long live the MBA

The 2014 mba.com Prospective Students Survey also found, however, a seven per cent increase in the number of prospective students now saying that they are focused exclusively on business masters programmes, an increase from 13 per cent to 20 per cent between the year 2009 and today. The survey also found that the typical MBA degree was a more popular choice with men, as 60 per cent of males surveyed said that they would consider undertaking an MBA.

With an increasing number of options for study becoming available to today’s prospective masters students, with part-time and weekend MBA programs becoming more frequent, students are now finding that they can improve their skills whilst continuing work or even work experience to combine the two and improve their job prospects.

Particularly for those students who choose to undertake postgraduate study in London, there are now plenty of opportunities available to them that could be a contributing factor to the changing face of MBA study as prospective students take advantage of the increasing options available. While the survey, as detailed in this Financial Times article, suggests that students are concerned about the cost of masters study, there are also plenty of high value study options in the City, with experienced GSM London course advisors able to give advice on postgraduate finance options and grants.

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